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Is Kissing Ok With a Flipper Tooth?

You can give a simple kiss with a flipper tooth without any mishaps but an intense french kiss with a lot of suction can dislodge it. However, there are things you can do to make your tooth flipper more secure and that can save you from embarrassment.

dental flipper for front tooth
dental flipper for front tooth

Can you kiss with a flipper tooth?

You can kiss with a flipper tooth but there are 2 consequences for doing so.

  • Flipper may become dislodged while you're kissing.

  • It could make for an awkward and embarrassing moment.

Can be dislodged

While a simple kiss such as a peck on the cheeks or lips may not affect the tooth flipper, a french kiss with a lot of suction may dislodge it. Don't forget that a flipper is a removable prosthesis that is meant to temporarily replace a missing tooth.

flipper tooth in the mouth
flipper in the mouth

The emphasis is on the fact that it is removable.

Unlike a dental bridge or implant which are fixed replacement options that don't come out, these temporaries can and do come out. After all, you can easily take it out of your mouth with finger pressure alone because there isn't anything holding it in place.

The mishap that may occur is if you engage in an intense french kissing session while wearing the flipper. All of that intraoral pressure can either dislodge it completely or loosen it where you have to pause the kissing to push it back into place. Neither of which are desirable and can ruin your mood.

Can be embarrassing

If your temporary tooth flipper comes out while you're kissing, it'll certainly make for a very awkward and embarrassing moment.

  • Does your partner know that you're missing a tooth?

  • Is it unattractive to be wearing false teeth?

We don't really have to explain to you as to why having it come out during the middle of an intimate session can dampen the mood.

How to make a flipper tooth more secure

If you're worried about it coming out while kissing, you can make the flipper more secure by adding clasps and using adhesive.

Clasps and hooks

Traditionally, a tooth flipper will come with no clasps or hooks on it because it looks more aesthetic. Having a metal hook or clasp on it can make it more obvious that you're wearing false teeth.

flipper without clasps
flipper without clasps

The downside to having no clasps on it is a decrease in its retention capabilities.

On the other hand, you may opt to have clasps added to the flipper in order to increase retention. Of course having hooks which grab onto the adjacent teeth will always make it more secure and more stable. In other words, less likely to pop off while making out.

flipper with metal hook
flipper with metal hook

There are 3 types of clasps which you can use to make the tooth flipper more retentive:

  • Metal hook. Literally a metal hook that grabs onto the adjacent teeth. These can be adjusted and are very versatile. Consequently, they're the most retentive.

  • Clear flexible clasp. These hooks are clear and slightly flexible. The only downside is that they're very delicate and prone to breaking. As you can see in the photo above, one of them is already broken!

  • Valplast clasp. These clasps are flexible and are gum colored. They are more rigid and durable than the flexi-clasps however they're more difficult for your dentist to adjust them if they're uncomfortable.

flipper with clear flexible clasp
flipper with clear flexible clasp

Any of these prosthesis with hooks on them will be more stable. Unfortunately it is the metal one that is the most stable but it is also the less aesthetic looking.

dental flipper with valplast clasps
dental flipper with valplast clasps

Denture adhesive

While a tooth flipper is often not thought of as a denture, it is technically a partial denture. The only difference is that they're meant to replace just 1 or 2 teeth unlikes a full denture that replaces your entire dentition.

What we're trying to say is that denture adhesive can be used to hold the prosthesis in place. Yes, the false teeth glue will work in the same exact way as if you had full dentures.

fixodent ultra - max hold
fixodent ultra - max hold

They're technically made of the same exact material (acrylic) so there is no reason why the denture glue won't bond it to your mouth.

You can purchase these at any pharmacy, they're a dime a dozen. Some popular brands are fixodent and poligrip.

Downside to using adhesive

If you do use glue, it does make it more difficult for you to remove and also adds an additional step to cleaning it.

  • Difficulty removing. You'll need to apply more pressure to take it off because the glue will be resisting you from trying to remove it.

  • Extra cleaning. It's more difficult to clean because sometimes the glue doesn't want to come off. You will spend more time trying to clean the glue off of it!

Aspiration risk

Depending on the size of your flipper tooth, it can be an aspiration risk. Yes, you can potentially swallow it if it is small enough.

small flipper tooth
small flipper tooth

Some flippers are fabricated to be larger while others are smaller. The latter is the one where you can potentially swallow it.

You don't think it can happen? Well, here are some documented case reports.

You should take into consideration how stable your flipper is and whether or not you really want to engage in french kissing while wearing it.

Our recommendation

Due to the potential risk of swallowing it, we recommend that you remove your flipper prior to french kissing. Although if you're just giving a simple kiss on the face or lips, it is okay to leave it in.

If you happen to swallow it, you should seek medical help. If it is large enough, it may cause internal damage and that may warrant having it removed with your GI doctor by scoping it out.

The Verdict

Depending on the type of kissing that you're doing, you may dislodge your flipper if you're kissing with a lot of suction. That'll not only be embarrassing but there is also an aspiration risk as well. The former isn't the end of the world but the latter can be hazardous.

Due to safety concerns, we recommend only light kissing if you're wearing the flipper. If you plan to be any more intimate than that it would be safer to remove it from your mouth before you proceed.



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