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Dental Cleaning - Long Island City, NY

Teeth cleanings prevent gum disease

A dental cleaning is a preventative and periodontal procedure that prevents gum disease and treats it if you already have it. All of the plaque and tartar which you're unable to brush off will finally be removed.

Our dentists and hygienists at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental are professionals at cleaning teeth. Your dental cleaning in Long Island City will leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean, almost a little too clean.

What we offer

Dental cleanings are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy smile and at Jackson Ave Dental, we remove plaque and tartar build up from your teeth. Having this procedure done routinely every six months can also help detect early signs of oral health problems such as gum disease. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of bacteria, explore what our dental office has to offer.

For those who come regularly every six months like clockwork, a regular cleaning for your teeth will be sufficient. However, if you tend to skip appointments, you may need your teeth to be cleaned deeper. Dental care depends on each person's unique situation.

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Teeth Cleaning

All of the plaque and tartar build up that is above the gum line will be removed during a cleaning. This treatment focuses on debriding build up on the enamel surfaces.

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Deep Teeth Cleaning

A deep teeth cleaning is a regular dental cleaning plus more, it cleans below the gum line. In addition to removing plaque and calculus from the enamel, the root surfaces will also be scaled and root planed.

Complementary services

When you come in to get your teeth cleaned, you don't just get your adult prophy. Every dentist office will combine the oral exam, annual x-rays, and oral cancer screening with your dental cleaning appointment. All four of these components put together are collectively known as the biannual dental check up.

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Oral Examination

Every cleaning is accompanied by an oral exam where our dentist and hygienist look for tooth decay or gum disease. If you don't get examined and only had your teeth cleaned, you didn't really get a dental check up.

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Dental X-rays

Radiographs are typically taken once a year to check for cavities or periapical pathologies by the root tip. Dental x-rays help our dentists see conditions which eludes the naked eye.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Our dentist will check your lips, cheeks, palate, and tongue for oral cancer. If we see something, we'll let you know. Although we usually don't say anything if it looks normal so we don't scare you. Patients' ears will perk up when they hear the word "cancer".

When a teeth cleaning is needed

It is recommended to preventatively get a dental cleaning every six months. However, if you have chronic periodontal disease (periodontitis or gingivitis) you may need it more frequently. Ultimately, it is on an as needed basis.

When it's needed: Signs & symptoms

  • Gross plaque on enamel

  • Tartar build up on enamel or root

  • Inflamed gums that are red or poofy

  • Gums that bleed easily

  • Bad breathe

  • Malodor

  • Teeth staining or discoloration

  • Loose teeth

  • Sensitivity to cold or hot

How we can help

Getting a teeth cleaning with our hygienists and dentist in Long Island City will take a single visit. Expect to spend about 45 minutes for the appointment.


  • Prevents gum disease

  • Prevents cavities

  • Removes stains

  • Freshens breath

  • Improves oral health

  • Catch oral health problems 

What to expect: 45 minute visit

  1. Gross debridement with ultrasonic scaler. It vibrates at 30,000 rpm and shoots pressurized water to remove plaque and tartar off the enamel.

  2. Hand scale the teeth for fine tuning.

  3. Use floss if the scalers aren't reaching the nooks and crannies.

  4. Polish the teeth with fluoridated prophy paste.

  5. Rinse out and you're done!

  6. Our dental hygienist will give you oral hygiene tips on how to do better next time. Don't forget to schedule your next 6 month appt.


On average, a dental cleaning should be covered at 100% if you have insurance. It falls under the category of preventative procedures and those are typically fully covered.

Our dentists at Jackson Ave Dental are in network with most of the major PPO dental insurances. Therefore, you shouldn't expect to have to pay for anything out of pocket. Although sometimes you may have a deductible that activates for preventative services.

If you don't have insurance, give us a call to find out the cost.


Is a cleaning necessary?

A teeth cleaning is absolutely necessary for maintaining gum health and preventing gum disease. If plaque and calculus and left to sit around the teeth, the gums which are directly next to it will start to get irritated. The irritation will cause gum inflammation because the body recognizes the plaque as a foreign body. Once the gums start bleeding when you floss or brush, you will have arrived at the first stage of gum disease called gingivitis.

The definition of gingivitis is gum inflammation and in order to prevent that from happening, our long island city dentist recommends that you get your cleaning twice a year or every six months. If you don't, your teeth may hurt after a dental cleaning!

Do you think it is safe to be kissing with bleeding gums? It is not very pleasant to imagine tasting blood in the middle of an intimate session! So, yes dental cleanings are absolutely necessary not only for you but for your romantic partners as well!


Also, if you don't get it done twice a year, your gingivitis can progress to a more advanced stage called periodontitis, which would require an additional treatment known as a deep teeth cleaning.


There isn't an alternative to getting your teeth cleaned professionally. Brushing and flossing may help slow down the progression of gum disease but at some point the tartar build up will overwhelm your home care. Once the hard calculus forms on your teeth, the only way to get it off would be to see your dentist.

Ready to make an appointment?

Do you need a dental cleaning in Long Island City, our dentists and dental team at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental get those teeth sparkling and clean. You may self schedule online or give us a call and our receptionist will help you.

Explore More

Were you looking for a different dental service? Or Perhaps you're interested in learning more about what other treatments we offer. No problem, because we've got you covered below.

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