Wisdom Teeth Removal in Long Island City, NY

Wisdom teeth pain is not uncommon. Chances are if you're experiencing weird pain that you have no idea where it is coming from, it may be those darn third molars.

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Signs of needing Wisdom Teeth removal

You may or may not know if it is your wisdom teeth (third molars) that are bothering you. What you do know is that it is extremely painful and unpleasant. You may not even be able to pin point where it is coming from.

Here are some common symptoms for wisdom teeth pain:

  • Throbbing pain that comes and goes

  • Constant pain that doesn't stop

  • Pain that shoots up your ear or your head

  • Pain that shoots down your neck

  • Gums feel tender and swollen near the back of your mouth

  • Third molar cutting into your cheeks


Our dentists in Long Island City can diagnose you and help you alleviate that pain. We've put together a visual guide for some of the signs which may indicate that it is the wisdom teeth which are bothering you. Just to help you figure out if you need to come in or not.

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How we can get rid of your unbearable wisdom tooth pain

We can provide not only definitive treatment but also palliative treatment.


Definitive treatment involves getting rid of the source of the problem permanently. In other words, we can extract your wisdom tooth once and for all so that it can never cause you pain ever again.


Palliative treatment is a temporary measure which can alleviate the wisdom tooth pain. Patients usually choose this route if they're not sure if they're ready to have them taken out yet. This usually involves taking medications to reduce the pain and swelling. 

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Wisdom tooth removal

We can pull out all fully erupted wisdom teeth.

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If you're not ready to extract them, we can prescribe antibiotics.

pain medication

Pain Medication

If your wisdom teeth are severely impacted you may need to see an oral surgeon. We'll give you pain killers to hold you off till you can get to them!

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Antibiotic Rinse

If the gums around the wisdom tooth is swollen, the prescription rinse works well.

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Is it painful to remove the wisdom teeth?

Believe it or not, it shouldn't be painful at all to have your wisdom tooth removed with us. You will be thoroughly numb throughout the entire procedure. What this means is that you won't feel anything sharp but you may still feel pressure. The pressure is not felt by your tooth but rather the bone that surrounds the teeth.

A lot of people have this misconception that taking out them out is very painful but it isn't true. Although there is an exception for when it could be painful and that is when it is very infected. A severe wisdom tooth infection can be painful. If yours is severely infected, our LIC dentists may have to put you on antibiotics for 48-72 hours before we even attempt to extract the wisdom teeth. If we try to do it on the day of, you may not get numb.

What to expect during the third molar extraction

Having your wisdom teeth removed isn't exactly what everyone looks forward to. However if you know beforehand what is going to happen, it can at least decrease your anxiety going into the appointment.

  1. Apply pre-numbing gel.

  2. Administer local anesthetic.

  3. Release the gums around the wisdom tooth.

  4. Elevate it with an elevator.

  5. Remove the tooth by gently grabbing it with forceps.

  6. You're all done, wasn't that easy?

What is the recovery like from getting them pulled?

The recovery time from getting the wisdom teeth extracted would depend on how impacted they are and how many teeth you're removing at once.

  1. If they are not impacted, you may only need 1 day to recover.

  2. If they are impacted, you may need 2-3 days depending on how many you are removing.

Our LIC dentists will let you know before hand what we anticipate the recovery time to be. That way you'll know how to prepare for the day of the procedure.

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The Do and don'ts after wisdom teeth removal by your dentist in long island city

What you should do is stick to a soft food diet for the next few days. You should also take it easy with no heavy exercising or weight lifting. You also have our blessing to binge watch Netflix and eat ice cream while you're recovering from the extraction. Well, just binge watching and maybe moderation with the ice cream. You can still get tooth decay from eating all that ice cream.

What you shouldn't do is smoke for the next 3 days. You should also not spit, rinse, or drink through a straw for the first 24 hours. Any of those actions may dislodge the blood clot that is trying to form and that will result in continuous bleeding.

You should also not drink coffee, soda, or alcohol for the 24 hours after the extraction. You may resume drinking them after that but we would advise against it because it can delay healing.

If you wanted to know an interesting fact, bromelain in pineapple juice can help reduce swelling and inflammation from wisdom teeth removal!

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How to find our office for a wisdom tooth extraction in Long Island City

A major art attraction is close by to our office. You may have heard of it, its called the Culture Lab LIC and they're located at 5-25 46th Ave.

These are the directions to get to us from culture lab.

  1. Head south toward 46th Ave

  2. Turn left onto 46th Ave

  3. Turn right onto 11th st

  4. Turn left onto 47th Rd

  5. Turn left onto Jackson Ave