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Advertising Disclosure

1311 Jackson Ave Dental is a boutique dental office created to serve the greater Long Island City community but we do have Ads on all of our blog posts.

Our pledge by your long island city dentist

Our purpose is to provide useful information for not only our patients at our LIC dental office but also for all dental patients across the globe. All of the content and information that we create are to the best of our knowledge true.

We REFUSE to publish misleading information or widely held false beliefs. An example would be how most of the search engine result pages for drinking through a straw after wisdom teeth removal can result in a dry socket. That is simply FALSE and we will not follow the top ranking results in spreading that fallacy.

We are truth seekers and will only publish content that is correct, at least to the best of our knowledge. If we happen to be wrong, please kindly let us know so that we can correct it. We would greatly appreciate and thank you for that!

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Our content is written by our dentists in long island city

As of 5/17/22 all of our content on our website including our LIC blog are all hand written by our LIC dentist, Dr David Chen DDS.

We do not hire third party marketing agencies to write our content. All of it is by a licensed practicing dentist. This is different from most dental offices out there, including quite a few dentists in long island city which do use a marketing company to create content and then simply have it medically reviewed.

You can tell if they use a third party service if you scroll down to the bottom of their footer, it'll say that the website is designed or maintained by XYZ company.

Marketing disclosures by your LIC dentist

We 1311 Jackson Ave Dental or also commonly known as Jackson Ave Dental, do make money on our advertisements through Monumetric.

Currently, our intention is to create an additional stream of income to help compensate for some of the costs on running this website and also with running our physical dental practice in long island city. Realistically the first goal is to pay down Dr David Chen's student loans, the DDS degree was eye widening expensive.

The purpose is to keep up with inflationary pressures on the dental industry. Recently over the turn of the new year in 2022, our CPA got bought out by a larger firm and their fees literally increased by 50% over night. Unfortunately, we as a PPO based LIC dental office do not have that type of pricing power since most of the insurance reimbursements are under contract and fixed. There is one particular dental insurance, which has not raised their reimbursement rates for the past decade...


We are left with no other option but to explore alternative options, otherwise our long island city dentists may cease to exist by the end of our lease in April of 2028. We suppose only time will tell... 

What we do with your information

In regards to the data that we may collect on you if we do? We do not sell information directly to marketing agencies that utilize email lists or any of the sort. The extent that we personally use your information is that we mostly just analyze website visitor behavior to create more content. This is only to bring you more useful information!

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