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Photo of a dental x ray assisted with AI

Dental Artificial Intelligence - Long Island City, NY

AI integrated second opinion for dental x-rays

Our dentists in Long Island City have integrated AI in dentistry to help with diagnosing tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral pathology on x-rays. Our dental AI software serves as a second opinion.

What we offer

Our Long Island City dental practice uses PEARL AI which is a dental artificial intelligence software that is integrated with our practice management system (Curve Dental). This is a complimentary service that we include as a part of the dental checkup and dental consultation visit.

Below are examples of what the AI can detect.

Dental AI detecting cavity on x-ray

Tooth decay

When the AI software detects a cavity, it will be color coded in various shades of PINK on the dental x-ray. The darker the shade of pink, the deeper the decay. The lighter the pink, the smaller the carious lesion.

Dental AI detecting tartar on x-ray

Periodontal Disease

The AI software will place a TEAL box around all tartar and calculus detected on x-rays. It will also measure the bone levels to let you know how much bone loss you've had to gum disease.

Dental AI detecting periapical pathology on an x-ray

Periapical Pathology

The dental artificial intelligence can even detect periapical pathology such as root tip infections. The pathologies are color coded as blue.

Video demonstration of Dental AI

Below is a video demonstration of how our artificial intelligence software works on diagnosing dental x-rays. It is directly synced to your patient profile and our dentists can activate it with a click of a button.

The software is really amazing and it takes brings dentistry into a new era. We may not use it on every patient if our dentists do not find anything suspicious on the checkup x-rays. However, if you want us to show you how it works, just ask!

Benefits of using our Dental AI

Sometimes it helps to have a second pair of eyes take a look at your condition. Since we have AI available, you don't need to visit another dental office for a second opinion. Our AI software can provide it for you in house at our LIC office.

The software automatically syncs within 2-3 minutes after your x-ray is taken. We do not need to request for it to diagnose your radiographs because the AI does so automatically. Overall, this will save you some money because you don't have to pay for second opinion at another dentist office.

Cost of Dental AI Second Opinion

We include the AI second opinion as a part of your dental checkup and dental consultation appointment. There is no additional fee if we use the artificial intelligence for your x-ray diagnosis.

What you are responsible for is just for the oral examination and the consultation. If you have dental insurance, those are either typically fully covered or there may be a nominal copay.

Ready to make an appointment?

If you need a dental consultation in Long Island City, our trusted dentists and dental team at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental will give you a comprehensive oral examination along with a second opinion from artificial intelligence. You may self schedule online or give our dental office a call and our receptionist will assist you.

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