About us - We all have a story to tell and our dentists in Long Island City are no exception!

Our Story:

Come​, check us out for that new office smell, the gorgeous floors, and our fabulous apricot chairs. Stay, for how we treat you, how we make you feel, and of course for all of your oral health needs.
From the moment that you step foot into this office, what we would like to impress upon you is that our office is cleanmodernminimalistic, sustainable, and warm
  • Clean: You should never have to worry about anything being "dirty" in this office because that thought shouldn't even exist. We also hate putting our belongings on the floor so we created a hanging wardrobe for you. We may very well be the only dental office in all of LIC to have a closet.
  • Modern: All of our equipment is up to date. Our dental management software is completely cloud based and last but not least, we have the most luxurious feeling apricot chairs that you will ever sit in. Please let us know if it was worth the splurge. 
  • Minimalism: Not only is less more but we also believe that each of us should not be defined by what we have but rather by our values and the force behind our ideas. After all, "The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints."
  • Sustainable: When we say sustainable we mean (2) things.
    • The first being our duty to take care of this little blue planet which we call home. We will try our best to minimize paper, maximize post recycled products, and minimize waste creation.
    • The second being, building an enduring relationship with those we serve, the LIC community and of course you.
  • Warm: We hope to make this place warm and fuzzy enough for you to call it a safe place. We don't want you to say "I'm going to the dentist." but rather "I'm going to my dentist." We are not trying to be just acquaintances. We wish to build a relationship that will withstand the sands of time. Our existence is solely defined by our ability to serve you and the greater LIC community because if we were stranded on an abandoned island, all of our skills and knowledge as dentists are absolutely useless. Therefore, we persist not because we insist but because you need us so.
    • Consequently once we are no longer needed, we will cease to be. This quaint little dental office in long island city will disappear so if you like us, please say it loudly! Please let the rest of LIC know about us. We don't need chocolates or flowers, if you just send your friends and family to be under our care, that would be the biggest compliment that we could ever ask for. We will treat them the same exact way as we've been treating you. But please do not send your frenemies because if you don't get along with them, we probably won't either!
That is our promise to you and the only request that we ask of you is to simply treat us the way that you would like to be treated. We will return the favor in kind and that is the only requirement in order to be a patient at this practice. 
You may come for just the dentistry but if you would like to "get a little more" and go deeper, proceed at your own volition. continue below.
If you do plan to stay for awhile, we encourage you to learn a bit more about why we do what we do, our raison d'être. This office, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental, was first conceptualized after observing how traditional offices somehow along the way end up treating patients and staff as a means towards an end. Why is it that way or rather why does it have to be that way? Can it be done differently and if so would it even be possible? But most importantly, how should we do it? Then it occurred to us that maybe the answer was in front of us all along. What if we reversed it and made people our purpose, an end in itself and not a means towards an end? That is the purpose of this office, our attempt to answer that very question. If you feel the same way that we do, then by all means please swing by LIC so that we can begin building a relationship and maybe one day this vision will no longer be just this office's but grow to become OURS.
If we don't seem like your typical dentist's office, that was our intention. There are more than enough dental offices out there but not enough places that will make you an end. We aim to measure our success by the way we make our relationships flourish. Our primary purpose is to serve you, the LIC community with dentistry being the platform that we choose to do it through. (Don't worry, we still love the full veneer smile make overs!)
With that being said, this may be the place to be for some and simply not at all for others. That is perfectly alright since even superman has to make a choice sometimes. Its extremely difficult to be able to help everyone but for those of you who do consider this the place to be... We hope to make it so that you can't possibly imagine being anywhere else.


A place where our patients and staff can't possibly imagine being anywhere else.


To build an enduring and sustainable relationship with those we serve, the long island city community, through trust, stewardship, and compassion.