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Dental tooth flipper

Tooth Flipper - Long Island City, NY

A flipper is more than just an animal part

A flipper tooth is an oral appliance which you wear in your mouth to temporarily replace a missing tooth. It can be used for back teeth but if you're missing a front tooth, the flipper becomes almost mandatory.

Who wants to walk around with a missing front tooth!?

What we offer

Here at Jackson Ave Dental, our dentists can make flippers to replace your front teeth or back teeth. They're made of acrylic and they may have clasps or hooks on them for retention. If you're missing a tooth, why not come on by to get your tooth flipper in Long Island City with our dental team.

Note: They look different depending on material and tooth replacement.

Front tooth flipper on a stone model

Front Tooth Flipper

These typically will not have metal clasps on them. It'll either be clasp-less or have a flexible clasp that is gum colored. That is done for aesthetic purposes.

back tooth flipper on stone model

Back Tooth Flipper

Back teeth can be replaced with this appliance. A metal clasp is often recommended for it since it is more durable. It is needed to withstand biting or chewing forces.

When is a flipper needed?

If you're missing a tooth or about to have one extracted, you should highly consider a temporary replacement for it.

There could be many reasons and dental conditions which may cause you to lose your tooth, thus needing one.

Conditions resulting in lost tooth:

  • Broken down to gum line

  • Abscesses or infections

  • Severe gum disease

  • Large cavities

  • Fractured tooth

How we can help

The process to get a dental flipper with our long island city dentists at Jackson Ave Dental will take two visits.

That may sound like a long time but each visit only takes 15 minutes and we can have it made within a week.

First Visit: 15 minutes

  1. Take impressions (molds) of your upper and lower teeth.

  2. Take a bite registration to show how your teeth come together.

  3. Pick a tooth shade.

  4. Decide with our dentists what material you want it to be made out of. Do you want hooks/clasps or none at all?

Second Visit: 15 minutes

  1. Come in to pick up your new flipper.

  2. Try it in if you're missing a tooth. Although if you're getting it to prepare for a tooth extraction, you won't be able to try it in on the day of.

  3. Adjust the bite and tightness if necessary.

The Next Step

We wish to remind you that your new flipper is only a temporary solution for your missing tooth. The downside to it is that the appliance is very delicate and wasn't built to last for a long time.

Therefore, you should take into consideration what kind of permanent tooth replacement option you'd like. Our dental team at Jackson Ave Dental provides two additional services just for that, bridges and implants.

Front tooth extraction with stitches - Dr Seth Rush

Dental Implant

An implant is a titanium screw that gets implanted into your jaw bone. It is fixed so it feels just like your natural tooth!

Upper right wisdom tooth extraction socket immediately after procedure

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is multiple crowns that are joined together to replace a single missing tooth. It does require the adjacent teeth to be used as abutments.

Cost of a Flipper

The cost of a dental flipper is approximately $450 out of pocket if you want to have it made by our long island city dentists. This is the fee for a single tooth flipper, the price may different if you need more than one tooth.

However, if you have dental insurance they may help you cover a portion of it. Although if you plan on getting an implant and a crown afterwards, you may max out your insurance benefits.


How long can a flipper tooth last?

The flipper is only meant to be a temporary solution so please do not think that it is a permanent fix. Once you receive it, you will understand that it is a very delicate oral appliance. In fact, you're not suppose to eat with it because it is so delicate. You can break it very easily if you bite into something hard with it. It is only meant for aesthetics and appearances. ​ Our LIC dentists typically make one of these for our patients that are getting implants where the tooth needs to be removed. The healing process for after the tooth comes out is 4 months and then the healing process for the dental implant is another 4 months so you'll be wearing the dental flipper for about 10-12 months on average. ​ That is how long a tooth flipper can last up to, 12 months but that is only if you do not chew with it! If you break it, you'll have to pay for another one. Don't say we didn't tell you so.

Is it comfortable to wear in the mouth?

To be quite honest, they aren't the most comfortable thing in the world if you're comparing them to a pair of Lululemons. Although you will get use to wearing them after awhile. Initially the flipper may feel awkward and out of place but you'll adjust to them. ​ What the tooth flipper is good for is that they help you greatly appreciate the dental implant afterwards! You'll certainly think that the cost for the implant will be worth every penny. That we can promise you.

Ready to make an appointment?

Missing a tooth and need a temporary solution? Perhaps a tooth flipper in Long Island City sounds like a plan. Our team of trusted dentists at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental will take help you fill in that missing tooth gap. You may self schedule online or give us a call and our receptionist will help you.

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