Tooth Flipper - Long Island City, NY

This is an oral appliance which is only meant to be a temporary solution for a missing front tooth. Our patients will typically get one while they are in the process of waiting for a dental implant to heal. What a tooth flipper is, is a small partial denture that you can take in and out of your mouth. You're not suppose to chew with it because it is very delicate and only meant for appearances.


The cost of a tooth flipper by a dentist in long island city

The cost of a dental flipper is approximately $450 out of pocket if you want to have it made by our long island city dentists. This is the fee for a single tooth flipper, the price may different if you need more than one tooth. This fee is relatively inexpensive for what this neighborhood charges. You can ask around if you'd like! We set the price this way because we want to encourage you to get one if you need it.

How long can a tooth flipper last?

The flipper is only meant to be a temporary solution so please do not think that it is a permanent fix. Once you receive it, you will understand that it is a very delicate oral appliance. In fact, you're not suppose to eat with it because it is so delicate. You can break it very easily if you bite into something hard with it. It is only meant for aesthetics and appearances.

Our LIC dentists typically make one of these for our patients that are getting implants where the tooth needs to be removed. The healing process for after the tooth comes out is 4 months and then the healing process for the dental implant is another 4 months so you'll be wearing the dental flipper for about 10-12 months on average.

That is how long a tooth flipper can last up to, 12 months but that is only if you do not chew with it! If you break it, you'll have to pay for another one. Don't say we didn't tell you so.


Are dental flippers comfortable?

To be quite honest, they aren't the most comfortable thing in the world if you're comparing them to a pair of Lululemons. Although you will get use to wearing them after awhile. Initially the flipper may feel awkward and out of place but you'll adjust to them.

What the tooth flipper is good for is that they help you greatly appreciate the dental implant afterwards! You'll certainly think that the cost for the implant will be worth every penny. That we can promise you.

How to get to our long island city dental office

Our long island city dentists are not that far away from a well known college in the area, LaGuardia Community College which is located at 31-10 Thompson Ave. Here are the directions to get to us. You may want to hail a cab because it only takes 5 minutes by car but would be a 17 minute walk otherwise. Although it is easy to walk to us because you just keep walking north-west on Thompson ave and then take left onto Jackson Ave. Keep walking till you each us.