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Tooth Extraction - Long Island City, NY

Tooth removal may be inevitable

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from its socket and out of the jaw bone. Sometimes it may be necessary if the tooth is damaged beyond repair or the infection is too large.

Our dentists at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental provide professional dental care so your tooth extraction in Long Island City will be the most pleasant one you'll have to date.

What we offer

At Jackson Ave Dental, we can extract all non-restorable teeth and that includes wisdom teeth. Our goal is to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible when you have it done by our dentist in long island city. We will give you as much numbing and local anesthesia as you would need so you don't feel a thing.

Front tooth extraction with stitches - Dr Seth Rush

Tooth Removal

The entire tooth including the root will be removed and taken out of the mouth. Afterwards, you will be missing a tooth.

Upper right wisdom tooth extraction socket immediately after procedure

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our dental office can extract fully erupted or mildly impacted wisdom teeth. However, if the impaction is moderate to severe, we will refer you to our oral surgeon.

When a tooth extraction is needed

Most commonly, a dental extraction is used get rid of a tooth that can't be restored. However, there are other situations which you may benefit from having one.

When it's needed:

  • Vertical fracture

  • Broken down to gum line

  • Severe abscess

  • Impacted teeth

  • Overcrowding

  • Severe periodontitis

  • Large cavities

How we can help

The entire process to remove a tooth with our long island city dentists at Jackson Ave Dental will take a single visit.


  • Pain relief

  • Get rid of infection

  • Reduce overcrowding

What to expect: 30-45 minutes

  1. Administer local anesthesia so it's painless.

  2. Release periodontal ligament fibers.

  3. Luxate the tooth with an elevator.

  4. Remove tooth with forceps.

  5. Irrigate the socket to remove debris.

  6. Place gauze over socket for patient to bite on.

  1. Bite on gauze for 30 minutes. Switch to a new one every 30 mins.

  2. Take medications, pain killers and antibiotics.

  3. No smoking for 3 days.

  4. No rinsing, no spitting, no drinking through a straw on the day of.

  5. Start rinsing with salt water after every meal starting on day 2.

  6. Eat a soft food diet for first 2-3 days. Progressively move to harder foods after that.

  7. Avoid alcohol, coffee, and soda during first 24 hours.


On average, insurance will cover tooth extractions at 50%-80% of the total cost. That means you may be responsible for 20%-50% of the cost but it depends on your specific insurance plan.

Most PPO dental insurances consider this treatment as a basic procedure. Our dentists at Jackson Ave Dental are in network with most of the major PPO dental insurances. What that means is additional cost savings for you compared to seeing an out of network provider.


Will my extraction be painful?

Removing a tooth shouldn't be painful at all! Our expert dental professionals will ensure you are thoroughly numb before proceeding with treatment. We numb the patient with local anesthesia, using Lidocaine or Septocaine. Feeling pressure during the procedure is a normal but what you shouldn't feel is sharpness.

Will I get a dry socket?

Dry socket is a painful complication which may occur after an extraction. The exact etiology still eludes clinicians and researchers. However, we do know certain risk factors that may increase your chances of getting it. If you get it, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Risk factors:

  • Smoking. Studies have shown that smokers are 3 times more likely to get dry socket.

  • Traumatic extraction. Impacted lower wisdom teeth are especially prone.

  • Birth control. Studies have shown that the incidence of alveolar osteitis was significantly higher with birth control.

  • Middle of Menstrual cycle. Perhaps you should schedule it when you're not menstruating.

  • Previous occurrence. You've had it in the past.

Post-operative instructions sheet

In case you forgot what we told you while you were in the chair, we do have a digital copy of the extraction aftercare. What you should and shouldn't do after the procedure. Be sure to follow it to the T to minimize complications.

Healing and Recovery

The extraction socket will take about 4-6 weeks for the gums to completely close and heal. The bone underneath will continue to remodel and heal over the next 3-4 months.

We recommend taking one day off to rest and recover. You should also avoid exercising for the first 1-2 days. However, you should be fully functional by the third day or so. Eating may be a little cumbersome but it shouldn't affect your daily routine too much.

Ready to make an appointment?

If you're ready for a tooth extraction in Long Island City, our adept dentists and experienced dental team at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental will take care of you. You may self schedule online or give us a call and our receptionist will help you.

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