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Dental Fillings in Long Island City, NY

We at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental provide the full suite of services for dental fillings in Long Island City. We typically default to tooth colored composite fillings but we also offer gold as well.


They can be used to treat a variety of dental conditions and not just for cavities. Sometimes they're also referred to as bondings because the composite restorations get bonded in.

Signs that you may need a dental filling

Whether or not you need a cavity filling is not always by the presence of pain. If you do have pain, you certainly need some sort of dental treatment. However if you're not having pain, it does not mean that you're perfectly fine. This is why it is important to get routine dental check ups. Here are some visuals for possible signs of needing a filling.

How our Long Island City Dentists can help you

Need a dental filling in Long Island City? Don't you worry because our LIC dentists have got you covered. We will thoroughly remove that cavity and eliminate it from your life. We'll also give you the most amazing composite filling that you've ever had in your life.

Benefits of getting one:

  • Eliminate tooth decay

  • Prevents sensitivity

  • Fix chipped teeth

  • Improve cosmetics

Here is a real live clinical case of a dental filling that we did at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental.

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Additional Resources on Dental Fillings

How much do Cavity Fillings cost?

The cost of a filling will vary but the biggest determining factor is whether you have dental insurance. It will obviously be more costly if you did not have any. However, if you do have insurance, our Long Island City dental office typically see the PPO insurances cover about 80%. Then you also have to take into consideration if you have an annual deductible or not!

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What to expect for a filling procedure

Our dentists will walk you through the process of what it is like to get a dental filling in Long Island City. You may ask as many questions as you want but this is typically what happens:

  1. Administer local anesthetic.

  2. Drill out the decayed parts of the tooth.

  3. Apply conditioner, primer, and bonding.

  4. Fill the tooth with a composite resin.

  5. Light cure to harden the filling.

  6. Adjust the bite and polish.

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How can I tell if I have a cavity?

Decayed teeth can sometimes present with pain or sensitivity. However, just because you're not feeling anything it does not mean that your mouth is decay-free. The vast majority of small to medium sized cavities are asymptomatic!

The only way to tell if you have one is if you go in for your dental check up and get your x-rays. The only reliable way to know how healthy your mouth is by getting it diagnosed by your dentist.

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