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Your Source For Oral Health Information 
By your dentist in Long Island City

A world where doctors write for patients

Everyone looks for information online and questions pertaining to your health are no exception.

However, what we've noticed is that the vast majority of health information are written by writers and then medically reviewed by a healthcare professional in order to legitimize and bestow a blessing upon it.

Where have all of the doctors who wrote gone?


Their presence online is certainly palpable on research websites where doctors write for other doctors. Aside from that they may be quoted by journalists, here and there for health related articles.

Where they are not really felt is in the healthcare information space for the general public, which is truly a shame in our opinion. We are making a blanket statement here but we do believe that everyone wishes that they could spend more time with their doctor. Whether that be in person or online.

Wouldn't you like to see that health question that you were searching for to be written by your doctor?

Elevate the standards by becoming the source for oral health information online

The status quo outsources all healthcare writing from doctors to content writers.

We're going to put an end to that practice by having all of our information written by doctors. We will force a change in the industry and hopefully in the right direction.


We wish to create a new world, one in which it is desirable for a doctor to write. One where writing and practicing their profession are perceived with equal value.

Leverage our expertise to usher in a new ERA

All we wish to know is whether or not people prefer to have their questions answered by the doctor themselves.

In order to answer that question, we will strive with every ounce of our soul to become the source for all of your oral health information online. Our growth and success will not be determined by us but rather by you via a popular vote on the internet. Will our information, which is written by doctors be preferred over those written by others?

That is all that we simply wish to know. If we are needed and desired, we will persist. If not, we will cease to be.

What kind of world do you wish to see and live in?

One where doctors write or one where they do not?

Notice: As of October 1, 2022 we will be transitioning all of our oral health information over to afterva. We believe that it makes more sense to separate out the dental practice from the library of information. Everything on here will remain the same and we will periodically add more but the pace of writing will significantly decrease since we'll be concentrating our efforts over there.

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