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Have you wondered what was the best teeth whitening system out there? We've got you covered.

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There are so many different whitening products and systems out there for your teeth but we've made our definitive choice after trying out many of them.


We are excited to offer our Long Island City community KoR Whitening.

What makes KoR whitening different?

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Our take home teeth whitening kit through KoR whitening. 


DESENSITIZER is included along with a cute tote!

Whitening gel efficacy starts to degrade the longer the material is exposed to heat.

KoR is the only teeth whitening system that gets shipped to us in an ice box with ice packs. We also have a dedicated fridge in the back of our LIC office for the material. The in office system is also separated into three separate components instead of the traditional two or one.

The less premixed it is the fresher it will be​ and consequently more effective.

Are you now questioning all of the whitening products sitting on your pharmacy shelves?

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This is how the whitening gel is shipped to us.

So how does this all work?

The entire teeth whitening protocol will go as follow:

  1. We take impressions (molds) of your teeth and make custom whitening trays for you.

  2. You pick up your at home whitening kit and whiten for 14 nights straight. Be sure to use the desensitizer!

  3. Do maintenance once a month at home or how ever frequently you feel the need to. You may purchase additional tubes of whitening gel.

  4. For best results, try to minimize consuming staining liquids.

If it can stain your white carpet, it will stain your pearly white teeth!

We also have an in office session that you can do in ADDITION to finishing the take home at an ADDITIONAL cost.

  • Most of our patients have really good results after the take home and the in office is not necessary.

  • In case you were wondering, NO you cannot do just the in office without the take home. That explicitly goes against the KoR instructions.

Why would you want teeth whitening with our long island city dentist?

Typically over time, our teeth do tend to get darker. A lot of it has to do with our eating and drinking habits, which cause extrinsic stains. Some of the biggest culprits are coffee stains, tea stains, and red wine stains. Many of us drink coffee or tea in the morning to get our day going and then unwind at night time with a glass of red in the evening.

So the amount of staining will vary depending on the quantity and frequency of these staining foods/liquids that you are consuming. You may need to do whitening more frequently if you do! Remember, if it can stain your white rug, it can stain your teeth!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does teeth whitening last?

Once, again it will depend on your eating or drinking habits and the quantity of the offending items. The good news is that you can keep up the maintenance by purchasing whitening gel refills.


My teeth are killing me after whitening:

Oh yes, you will definitely feel sensitivity in your teeth after whitening. In fact it is an increasing level of sensitivity from the take home product only to the in office treatment. If you found the take home hard to handle, our LIC dentists would not recommend trying the in office treatment.


Are you wondering how long does the sensitivity last after teeth whitening?

It may last for a few days and even up to a week!


Do you want to know how to stop teeth sensitivity from whitening?

You can't stop it completely but we've found that simply wearing your custom whitening trays that we made for you throughout the day helps! It blocks the wind and air from coming into contact with your chompers. We also hope that you used the desensitize during the treatment. Last but not least, use lots of sensodyne toothpaste. After you finish brushing your teeth and rinse out your mouth... glob on some sensodyne and let it sit on your teeth for a good 5-10 minutes before rinsing out.

Does fluoride whiten teeth?

If you're curious whether or not it does, please check out our blog post! Fluoride is great for your teeth.

There are also alternative home remedies to brighten your teeth:

Some people claim that strawberries can whiten your teeth.

Before and After teeth whitening with a dentist in long island city

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All of our dentists at our LIC dentist office have to agree that we do have the best teeth whitening gel on the market!

Look at those results.

Where to find our LIC dental office

It is a cinch to find our office since we're located right in the middle of Jackson Ave. In fact, we have a lot of patients who live close by in The Halo Long Island City, which is located at 44-41 Purves St. The directions to get to us is very simple.

  1. Head northwest on Purves St toward Jackson Ave.

  2. Turn left onto Jackson Ave.

  3. Total walking time is about 12 minutes.