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Dental Services and Procedures in Long Island City, NY

List of services including but not limited to, which are rendered at our LIC dental office.

If you have a dental emergency over the weekend, we can take care of you since we have full Saturday and some Sunday hours! We may be the only LIC dentist with Sunday availability.

Our main service area is around Long island city, the court square area, hunters point, and queensboro plaza.

But, we also serve Astoria, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and also Flushing. We get a good amount of patients from these areas so don't be shy and come on by.

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We offer comprehensive exams, digital xrays, and oral cancer screenings. Our dental professionals will address all sorts of tooth pain, toothaches, and infections.

Tooth extractions are for when the tooth decay has exceeded more than 50% of the tooth. They are also indicated for large tooth abscesses that do not resolve from root canal treatment. Don't let those cavities grow and nip them while they are small!

We do all porcelain dental crowns and tooth caps. We can also replace missing teeth with tooth bridges, which are multiple tooth caps that are connected.

We are proud providers of Invisalign in Long Island City. Invisalign is the original clear aligner to straighten teeth. They are an alternative to braces. We've the most affordable Invisalign option in LIC.

We treat all levels of gum disease whether it be swollen gums, bleeding gums, or even gum abscess. Gingivitis and Periodontitis will be a thing of the past.

If whitening isn't quite up to par for you then your next option would be porcelain laminate veneers. Dental veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that are primarily used to change the shape of the tooth and the color. Just to emphasize, if you have large cavities, then you're more likely to need a tooth cap rather than a veneer since it offers better protection.

Are you experiencing jaw pain from opening and closing your mouth? Have you been told that you need a night guard?

Dental Implants are medical grade titanium screws that go into the bone to provide an anchor for a tooth cap. Implants are a replacement for missing teeth unlike dentures. Implants give the same sensation as having teeth!

We only do bonded white colored fillings or rather tooth colored fillings. Fillings are for tooth decay and also for sensitivity as well. Sometimes the tooth may be sensitive to cold because of gum recession, which may require a bonding.

Tooth whitening is purely a cosmetic procedure. If you drink and eat a lot of staining foods then you might notice the color of your teeth darkening. This is when you should consider whitening but understand that the whitening does require periodic maintenance and the interval between touch ups last longer if you stay away from staining foods!We are a KoR Whitening provider for LIC.

Are you teeth grinding in your sleep? 

Is your partner complaining about the grinding sounds?

Root canals are for when you have a dental infection or tooth abscess. As long as the abscess is still a manageable size we can save the tooth with a root canal.


Things to do in long island city after your dental check up.

We would have to say that one of the biggest attractions for art in our community would definitely have to be the MoMA PS1, which is literally a 4 minute walk from our office. Our staff highly recommends that you go check out some exhibits while you wait for that dental numbness to dissipate!

If you prefer something a little more scenic you can try the waterside view of Manhattan from Gantry State Plaza Park.

Or if you're a gourmand, we do have a Michelin Starred restaurant here, Casa Enrique. Although you can't just waltz in there since it is pretty difficult to get a table even on a weekday.


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