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Dental Services - Long Island City, NY

List of dental services including but not limited to, which are rendered by our dentists at our long island city dental office. If you have a dental emergency over the weekend, we can provide dental care for you since we have Saturday hours!

Our main service area in LIC is around court square, hunters point, and queensboro plaza. Although, we also serve Astoria, Greenpoint, Roosevelt Island, Williamsburg, and also Flushing. We get a good amount of patients from these areas so don't be shy and come by our dental office and say hello to your new dentists.

Dr linh nguyen giving a dental consultation

Preventative dental services are meant to care for your teeth to keep them healthy by preventing problems from happening to them.

Cosmetic dental services can improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. It can fix discolored, mishaped, and crooked teeth.

Restorative dental procedures focuses on repairing teeth that have been damaged or replace missing teeth. The purpose is to restore your smile so you can smile with confidence.

Emergency dental treatments provide urgent dental care to patients with painful tooth conditions often requiring immediate attention. It is meant to be pain alleviating.

Our dentists can help assess and treat your TMJ problems (teeth grinding, clenching, jaw pain). Dental services and procedures for TMD include:

night guard made by our dentist in long island city
A diagram of the parts of the head involved in TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder
MoMA PS1 Sign

Do you have insurance?

Most PPO dental insurances will cover our listed dental services. Depending on what type of procedure it is, they may fully cover it or partially cover it.

Usually preventative services are 100% covered while major treatments will have a copayment.

Our dentists accept and are in network with most of the major PPO insurances.


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