Dental Check Up - Long Island City, NY

The recommended frequency for a dental check up is twice a year or every 6 months. When was the last time you had your teeth examined? If you haven't yet, you should come check out our office in LIC.

Dental Check Up

What do our long island city dentists do for a dental check up?

Our general and cosmetic dentists do a lot more than simply look in your mouth during a dental exam. Yes, the most common thing that we look for in a dental check up is for tooth decay but we also do so much more.

  • Gum disease

  • Teeth grinding

  • Oral cancer

  • Obstructive sleep apnea

  • Other types of diseases

How often should you get a dental check up?

Our long island city dentists recommend that you get a dental check up every 6 months or roughly twice a year. For the most part, if you have dental insurance it is a fully covered expense so you might as well use your benefits!

Aside from financial benefits, it is also prudent to catch dental problems while they are small so you can either keep monitor them or address them immediately with a dental treatment. If you wish to monitor them, you have the opportunity to change your habits such as decreasing the amount of sugary foods that you consume and also increase your brushing and flossing frequency. That is the whole purpose of having a dental check up, so that you even have this option!

The cost of a dental check up with a dentist in long island city

The price for getting a dental check up actually depends on whether or not you have dental insurance because most of the PPO dental insurances will cover the visit at 100%. That is what our office have commonly observed but there are exceptions. There are times when the annual deductible takes into effect or there might be a small 10% copay. The exact fee would depend on your insurance because they are the ones that set the fee.

Last but not least, the out of pocket cost of a dental check up with our office is $200 and that also includes the teeth cleaning as well as any necessary x-rays. If you wanted an Invisalign consultation, it is also a part of the check up. We've set our costs for the check up to be the most affordable in LIC.

How to find our LIC dental office

Our dental office is located right in the middle of LIC. We get a lot of patients who live at the HAYDEN, located at 43-25 Hunter St. It is a really cool new building with an amazing gym. We can see power racks inside of the gym so if you like heavy lifting, that is the place to live at! The directions to get to us is simple. Head southwest on Hunter St toward Crescent St. Turn left onto 44th Dr and then turn right onto Jackson Ave. Walk straight down and you should see our office in a total of 10 minutes.