Cosmetic Dentistry - Long Island City, NY

Our cosmetic dentists in Long Island city provide the full suite of cosmetic services for your teeth and your overall oral health. Come check us out to explore all of the services that we provide for this neighborhood.

Cosmetic dentistry products

What does a cosmetic dentist do?

A cosmetic dentist has an intense focus on cosmetic dental procedures. These cosmetic procedures range from teeth whitening to dental veneers. Don't forget that Invisalign is also part of the genre as well. Basically anything that will beautify you is considered cosmetic dentistry.


The criticism is that some people call it vain but our LIC dentists prefer to call it self help. Absolutely nothing wrong with helping yourself out right? So don't feel ashamed for seeking out cosmetic dentistry.

What is the difference between a cosmetic dentist and a regular long island city dentist?

There is actually not much of a difference between a cosmetic dentist vs a regular dentist because they both do the same procedures. There isn't one dental procedure that one does, which the other one doesn't. To be quite honest, the term "cosmetic dentist" is more of a marketing phrase.

Let me tell you a story. Back in the day when Dr David Chen was interviewing for his post-graduate residency, one of the program directors at a Queens hospital quipped, "Is there a dentist that does non-cosmetic dentistry?"


Does it cost more to see a cosmetic dentist in Long Island City?

The cost of seeing a cosmetic dentist is the same as seeing a general dentist because the procedure itself does not change. It is just that one dentist prefers to self identify with cosmetic dentistry.

Where the difference in price can come from has more to do with the type of dental office it is. If you walk into an office and everything looks brand new and there is self serve La Croix, you should expect to be spending more money for your visit. You do know that you're the one paying for those services right? Its baked into the fee.


Alternatively, you could find a nice office that is not too over the top but provide quality service that also offer cosmetic dentistry. Your wallet may thank you. Our dental office, 1311 Jackson Ave dental, attempts to remove all of those additional amenities so that we can pass the cost savings onto you. Yes, it is nice to have a spa-like experience at the dentist but I'm sure you'd rather spend the spa-like dollars at an actual spa. So go take yourself to the actual spa after your visit with us. 

Where to find our LIC dentists

Our LIC dental office is convenient located near the new 5PointZ LIC building located at 22-44 Jackson Ave. We have a lot of patients that live there and come to us for their oral health needs. The directions to get to us is quite simple. Walk straight down Jackson Ave in the south-west direction and you should reach us after 4 blocks. We are on the opposite side of the street from 5PointZ so you do need to make your way across.