Emergency Dentist in Long Island City

Are you looking for a dentist near you that will provide care for your dental emergency? Our team of LIC dentists have you covered!

Man with a toothache

What is considered a dental emergency?

Are you wondering if what you are experiencing is considered a type of dental emergency? What should you do if it is, should you drop everything that you are doing and go to the dentist immediately or could it be as promptly as possible?

Drop everything that you are doing RIGHT NOW:

  • If you have a tooth abscess and your face has swelled up, you need to go NOW.

As soon as possible or promptly:

The only condition where you have to drop everything that you are doing would be severe facial swelling from a very bad tooth abscess. That is the pinnacle of dental emergencies and you should contact one of our long island city dentists immediately!

The reason why we place utmost importance on the swelling is because the swelling can spread to and block your airway. That will cut off your ability to breathe, which makes it life threatening. So, yes a tooth infection can kill you.

All of the other situations, if you are unable to secure a dental appointment there is always tomorrow. You may be in some pain and experience some discomfort but it is at least not life threatening.

What will our Long Island City Dentists do for an emergency?

Our emergency dentists will try to get you out of pain as soon as possible. Sometimes we can do definitive treatment and give you pain relief permanently but if we can't, we will at least relieve your pain temporarily. 

Permanent pain relief

If you lost a filling or a fully erupted wisdom tooth is bothering you, our emergency dentists can help you. We can give you a new tooth filling or perform a tooth extraction for you. That should relieve your pain permanently.

Temporary pain relief

There are times where we are unable to provide you with permanent relief such as in the case of a fully impacted wisdom tooth that is still stuck in the bone. Only an oral surgeon can remove a fully impacted third molar. In a situation like this, our LIC dentists would give you a prescription for antibiotics, antibiotic mouth rinse, and pain medication to hold you off until you can get to the specialist.

Should I go to the ER or see one of your LIC dentists?

If you are having tooth pain, your best option would be to see one of our dentists instead of going to the ER because they can't help you. If you lost a tooth filling or need a tooth removed, the ER will not do either of those procedures. They may give you some pain medication to hold you off until you can see a dentist but they will not take care of a toothache inside the ER.

The reason is because the ER is not equipped to perform emergency dentistry. There are no dental chairs with the saliva suction that you see at the dentist. There is no dental drill there either. Therefore, you should come to our LIC dental office instead of going to the ER if you're having tooth pain.

The cost to see an emergency dentist in Long Island City

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an exact fee for an emergency dental visit because the fee would depend on what treatment was done. There are so many different types of dental emergencies that it is impossible to list. Typically there is no additional fee for the emergency consultation, you only need to pay for the exact procedure that was completed.

If you have dental insurance, most emergencies should be covered between 50-80%. How much that would be would depend on your insurance plan and what your insurance dictates is the fee. We do not have the authority to set the procedure fee.

How to find us in Long Island City

Our office, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental, is conveniently located two blocks away from the MoMA PS1 located at 22-25 Jackson Ave so it is literally within walking distance. The directions to get to us is to walk south-west straight down Jackson Ave. It will take approximately 4 minutes of walking and you'll find us on the same side of the street.

In regards to public transportation, we're near the Court Square train station and also the 21st Street G train station.