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Emergency Dentist in Long Island City, NY

Are you looking for a dentist near you that will provide emergency dental treatment? Fear not, our team of emergency dentists in Long Island City can give you the pain relief that you've been seeking!

Our Emergency Dental Services

At 1311 Jackson Ave Dental, our trusted team of emergency dentists in Long Island City is proud to offer a multitude of tooth pain relieving treatments for emergent/urgent dental care. We will get you out of pain and permanently eliminate that toothache. Contact our Long Island City dental office today to schedule a consultation for pain relief fast.

Dental services offered:

  • Tooth extraction

  • Wisdom teeth removal

  • Root canal

  • Dental abscess drainage

  • Tooth flipper

  • Filling replacement

Signs of a dental emergency

Are you wondering if what you are experiencing is considered a type of dental emergency? Here are some signs and symptoms of an emergent dental condition.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Toothache

  • Bleeding

  • Swelling

  • Chipped or broken teeth

  • Missing or broken restoration

How we can help

Our emergency dentists at Jackson Ave Dental can treat just about every condition that you can possibly think of. We frequently have same day emergency appointments to help you get the pain relief that you deserve.

There is a good chance you may need pain medication and/or antibiotics after the visit. Please call or schedule an appointment with our office to see what we can do for you.

Do I need to go the Emergency Room?

If you are having tooth pain, your best option would be to see one of our dentists instead of going to the ER because they won't always be able to help you. If you lost a tooth filling or need a tooth removed, the ER will not do either of those procedures. They may give you some pain medication to hold you off until you can see a dentist but they will not take care of a toothache inside the ER.

The reason is because the ER is not equipped to perform emergency dentistry. There are no dental chairs with the saliva suction that you see at the dentist. There is no dental drill there either.

However, if you're unable to find an emergency dentist near you, then your only option would be to go your nearest local emergency department.

Dental Emergency Cost

The cost of your dental emergency visit would depend on what the emergency was and what procedure was used to relieve your pain. The more complex and invasive the treatment, the more you should expect to pay.

If you have dental insurance, most emergencies should be covered between 50-80%. How much that would be would depend on your insurance plan. We won't know what pain relieving procedure you need until we see you for the consultation.

Ready to make an appointment?

Get rid of your tooth pain in Long Island City, by seeing our dentists and dental team at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental. You may self schedule online or give us a call and our receptionist will help you.

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