Restorative Dentistry - Long Island City, NY

Restorative dentistry is practiced by all family dentists, cosmetic dentists, and general dentists alike. Our LIC dentists are no exception so we provide all of the services that you may need such as a tooth filling or dental crowns.

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What is a restorative dental treatment?

A restorative dental treatment is a procedure which restores your tooth back to its original state. This treatment is usually required after your tooth has been damaged by tooth decay. The restorative procedures will repair the tooth by removing the cavity and then rebuilding the tooth back.

The most common restorative procedure would be a tooth filling but a dental crown would also fall under the same category as well.

What types of dental restorations do your long island city dentists do?

Our LIC dentists do all types of dental restorations except the silver fillings because we do not have the equipment for it. There is also the fact that due to rising popularity of the tooth colored fillings, no one really wants the amalgam fillings anymore.

Aside from the composite fillings, we also do all porcelain crowns and even gold crowns. In fact, we can make your crown in whatever material you want but the most commonly asked for is the one with porcelain.

What is the cost of a restorative dental treatment by a dentist in long island city?

The cost for restorative dental treatments would depend on what specific procedure you need to have done. The fee for a tooth filling would be different from a dental crown. If you have dental insurance, they will typically cover a portion of it.

The tooth filling is considered a basic procedure and our long island city dentists typically see it being covered at 80% so your copay would be 20% of the procedure.

A dental crown is considered a major procedure and the usual coverage rate is at 50% so you'd be responsible for 50% of the entire procedure. 

What the exact cost is would depend on what dental insurance you have because your insurance company is the one that sets the fee.

How to find our dentists in LIC for restorative dentistry

Our LIC dental office is conveniently located near the court square area of Queens. We have a lot of patients that live over at at 2222 Jackson Ave, which is located on 2222 Jackson Ave. We know... they could've done a better job with naming but who are we to talk when we named our office the same way! The directions to get to our dental office is very straight forward because you literally walk straight down Jackson Ave in the south-west direction for about 5 minutes. Then you just need to cross the street because we are on the opposite side of Jackson.