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Dental Bridge - Long Island City, NY

Our restorative dentists make the most beautiful dental bridges you've ever seen. Although sometimes they're not always done for restorative dentistry because they can be for cosmetic dentistry as well.

Dental Bridge

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is multiple dental crowns that are attached together. Their purpose is to replace a missing tooth. The procedure is usually done by a restorative dentist or a cosmetic dentist. If the missing tooth that is to be replaced is a front teeth then it is considered cosmetic. If the tooth that needs to be replaced is in the back then it is considered regular restorative dentistry.

How long do dental bridges made by our long island city dentists last?

Dental bridges can certainly last a very long time because we've seen some that are still in service decades later. You should be aware that the bridge does not prevent you from getting cavities nor tooth infections. It may protect the upper and outer part of the teeth but the part below the bridge is still prone to diseases.

What this means is that you still need to brush and floss like you usually do before you got the dental bridge.

What is better a bridge or implant?

There are pros and cons to both types of procedures so there isn't a best option. Although we do have to say that more people are choosing to have a dental implant over a dental bridge.

What the dental implant excels at is that you can floss in between them! They also don't require your restorative dentist to file down the two adjacent teeth for the bridge.

The downside to dental implants is that it is a much longer process. After the oral surgeon puts the implant in, you have to wait about 4-5 months before you can put a an implant crown on top.

What the dental bridge excels at is that the process is much faster. You don't have to wait 4-5 months to get the bridge, you can get it within 2-3 weeks. Cost wise, the bridge is also much less than the implant. This is what our long island city dentists have personally observed but if time and money is not an issue for you then go for the implant.

The cost of a dental bridge by a dentist in long island city

Dental bridges are certainly more expensive than dental crowns because they are basically multiple crowns. To make a bridge, you need at least 3 dental crowns so you're essentially paying for 3 crowns for one procedure!

Where to find us

Our LIC dental office is near the Pulaski Bridge, which is a bridge connecting Long Island City to Greenpoint Brooklyn. In fact, we get quite a few patients coming from Brooklyn to come see us! If you want to be green and eco friendly, you can bike across it to come see us!

Here are the biking directions to our office.

  1. Head north toward Jackson Ave

  2. Turn right onto Jackson Ave

  3. We are on the left side of the street.

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