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Family Dentistry - Long Island City, NY

Our dentists in long island city are not only cosmetic dentists but also family dentists. Most of our patients all bring their spouse here as well!


What do your family dentists offer in LIC?

Our family dentists will take care of all of your oral health needs. This includes the teeth cleaning, dental check up, dental x-ray, teeth fillings, dental crowns, and so much more.

It is pretty rare for us to see one spouse and not the other. Typically, the other one will stroll on into our office a few days or few weeks after their significant other comes! It is usually due to the fact that our long island city dentists treat all of our patients like family.

What our dentists in long island city do not offer

Perhaps not offering is a strong word so this is more of a recommendation. Our LIC dental office does see families but we would recommend that bring your children to a pediatric dentist rather than have them come see us. It is not that we can't see children but rather our office was built for adults.

We believe that your kids will get a much better experience at an office that was built specifically for kids. We can try to accommodate them at our office but it'll never be built for them. That is a big difference. If you're a parent, you probably understand what we mean.

There are stores that are built for children and then there are stores that "accomodate" them. The former will give them a much better experience. One that we could never give to them.

What pediatric dentist do you recommend?

If you have children, we would recommend that you take them to a pediatric dentist and lucky for you, there is a pediatric dental office nearby. Our colleagues over at Chelsea Pediatric Dentistry will take care of your kids like family! They're located at 45-45 21st Street.

Here are the directions from our office to theirs.

  1. Head northeast on Jackson Ave toward 47th ave

  2. Turn left onto 21st St

  3. Turn right onto 46th ave

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