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Fluoride Treatment in Long Island City

Are you looking to get fluoride treatment in long island city? Look no further because we can help you.

Fluoride treatment at the dentist involves applying a highly concentrated solution of fluoride onto the teeth. There are different types of treatments and consequently various ways to apply it. But all of them will help strengthen your teeth.

How do I know if I need fluoride treatment?

There are many reasons to need fluoride or want it because it can be very beneficial in making your teeth stronger. Here are some conditions which may benefit from having it.

  • High risk for tooth decay

  • Previous history of a lot of dental work

  • Incipient caries (cavities that are just starting)

  • Weakened teeth

  • Teeth that chip easily

  • You don't live in a fluoridated community

  • Consume a lot of sweets

Benefits of fluoride treatment

  • Strengthens your teeth

  • Repairs small defects in your enamel

  • Protects the enamel from cavities and acid attacks

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Can help decrease teeth sensitivity

How our dentists in Long Island City can help

Our dental office, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental offer multiple types of fluoride treatments that can strengthen your enamel and help fight tooth decay.

  • Fluoridated prophy paste. The prophy paste is actually the polishing paste that you use at the end of your dental cleaning. Most people are unaware that it has fluoride in it!

  • Fluoride varnish. This is a a sticky gel that is very concentrated in fluoride. It consists of 5% sodium fluoride which makes it about 20x as potent as your toothpaste.

  • Prescription toothpaste. If you are a candidate for it, we can prescribe you a prescription strength toothpaste. This is a 1.1% sodium fluoride gel that you can use in lieu of your regular toothpaste. It has about 5x as much fluoride as your commercial toothpaste.

Click below to book your fluoride treatment in long island city with our office. Our scheduling software books the appointment in real time.

What to expect for the fluoride procedure

Fluoride is typically applied after your dental check up and cleaning. The reason being, you want to apply it directly onto your enamel and not on plaque or tartar. That would defeat the purpose wouldn't it?

What would be even worse is if you applied it on food that was still stuck on your teeth! Talk about wasting your money if you did that!

Due to those reasons you should have it done after your teeth are all clean and free of all debris.

Steps during fluoride varnish treatment:

  1. Dry the teeth.

  2. Paint the fluoride varnish onto every surface of every tooth.

  3. Do not eat or drink for about 3 hours.

That is it! The procedure is very simple and straight forward. Just remember to wait before eating or drinking anything so that you don't decrease the efficacy of the treatment.

Fluoride treatment cost

Fluoride treatment is usually fully covered by insurance if you are 13-14 years or younger. We've often seen 100% coverage so there will be no out of pocket copay if you are within that age range.


On the other hand, that means fluoride is not covered for adults. Very rarely do we ever see benefits for it for insured adult members. In other words if you want it you'll need to pay out of pocket for it.

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