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1311 Jackson Ave Dental 2nd dental operatory

Come tour our LIC Dentist office!

Hello, come meet your new long island city dentists!

We first opened our doors in August of 2019 but we are still very eager to meet all of our new neighbors.

Therefore, we're sending out an open invitation for everyone in the community to come tour our office!

(We also do allow borrowing of our books in our bookcase!)

dental closet
Cactus dental office

We're going for a clean and minimalistic look. The walls are dove white and the floors are silver leaf LVP. At times it does give off a very home-like feel sometimes but we feel that it adds to the experience. We would like to make the dentistry as comfortable as possible. We want you to leave this office with your blood pressure lower, not higher! That's the type of dentist that we want to be.

This office was built for all of you and not so much for us so if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, please let us know. We're still furnishing this place. We might be the first dental office in Long Island City or maybe even in all of NY to have a closet in the treatment room. How many times have you been to a doctor's office and there is absolutely no where to put your belongings? Well, not here because we designed this place with you in mind.

You may find the waiting room to be quite small compared to other offices since we only have two chairs in the front but that's because it's not a waiting room.


Consequently we would never double book or triple book people. We can't even if we wanted to because there is no room for you to wait! So whether you are having tooth pain, gum swelling, or any sort of tooth infection, worry not you will be seen as promptly as possible.

The team at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental

More precisely, we are located in the Court Square area of LIC

Our office is right on Jackson Ave, directly facing it with a ground floor store entrance. We are one of two businesses that occupy a commercial space within The Echelon, a LIC condo located at 1311 Jackson Ave Long Island City NY 11101.

We share the space with a dessert shop, Taste Creme. Their treats are great if you haven't given them a try. We highly recommend them!

Directly to the right of us is Kika Hair Design. They've been around in the neighborhood a lot longer than the both of us.

Pepsi Cola Sign Long Island City

About Long Island City the community we serve

LIC is a residential and commercial neighborhood on the very western tip of Queens, a borough of New York City.

To the west, it is bordered by Manhattan along with Roosevelt Island. To the north is Astoria. To the east is Sunnyside. To the south is Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Lately, this little neighborhood has been known for its gleaming high-rises with amazing views of Manhattan.

For the longest time, it has been known as the east terminus of the Queensboro bridge as well as the Midtown tunnel.

Population: 63000 +

Zip Codes: 11101-11106, 11109, 11120

Some things to do nearby

There are quite a few things to do in this neighborhood but you should definitely visit the MoMA PS1 and after that, you should take a stroll around Gantry Plaza State Park to enjoy the jaw dropping views of Manhattan. While you're there, you can check out Hunter's Point South Park, which is right next to it.

Here are two more art attractions, the Socrates Sculpture Park and the Sculpture Center. It may be a little bit more difficult to find the later since it is tucked away on a Cul de Sac, Purves Street.

Gantry Cranes Long Island City

Some common questions about our community

Is Long Island City a nice place to live?

LIC is definitely a very nice place to live! Its location is incredibly convenient since you are literally just a 5 minute subway ride from NYC. You are also 10 minutes by driving away from Brooklyn as well. There are also a ton of high rises that were recently build so you get that city density feeling but for some reason, it is significantly quieter than Manhattan which is a big plus.

Is LIC in Queens or Manhattan?

It is definitely in Queens, the western most tip right before Manhattan. It is separated by the East River.

Is Long Island the same as Long Island City?

Unfortunately it is not. They are on opposite sides and separated by the entire eastern part of Queens. The hamptons are very far away in case you were wondering!

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