Come Tour Our Office!

Welcome Long Island City! We're sending out an open invitation everyone to come for a tour of our office. We are very eager to meet all of our new neighbors.

We're going for a clean and minimalistic look. The walls are dove white and the floors are silver leaf. At times it does give off a very home-like feel but we feel that it adds to the experience. We would like to make the dentistry as comfortable as possible. We want you to leave this office with your blood pressure lower, not higher!

This office was built for all of you and not for us so if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, please let us know. We're slowly furnishing this place. We might be the first dental office in Long Island City or maybe even in all of NY to have a closet in the treatment room. How many times have you been to a doctor's office and there is absolutely no where to put your belongings? Well, not here because we designed this place with you in mind.

You find the waiting room to be quite small compared to other offices since we only have two chairs but that's because its not a waiting room. Its the reception area, not a waiting room because our patients DO NOT WAIT. When you schedule with us, its a reservation for chair time. You may walk right in and sit in your rightful chair. We hate waiting and do not expect you to wait either, unless you like waiting in lines. Consequently we would never double book or triple book people. So whether you are having tooth pain, gum swelling, or any sort of tooth infection, worry not you will be seen promptly.

dental closet
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