Do Veneers Glow In Blacklight?

Ever met someone at the night club but noticed that their teeth were glowing in a different color? Is that intentional or is there something wrong with them?

Veneers glow in the dark

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Will your veneers glow in blacklight?

Depending on the type of porcelain that the veneers are made out of, it can glow in blacklight. Not all porcelains will glow in the dark but most of the ones that are specifically used for veneers will most likely glow in blacklight.

Porcelain fluoresence

At our long island city dental office, we mostly make our veneers with IPS e.max and we confirmed with the manufacturing company that the material will fluoresce to a certain extent. According to Jerry, a technical consultant of Ivoclar, the veneer material is suppose to glow in order to match your natural teeth.

Do teeth glow in blacklight?

Your teeth will naturally glow under blacklight and your veneers will also glow to try to mimic it. Are you wondering why this phenomenon happens?

Your teeth will glow in the dark because they naturally contain phosphor. In fact, your fingernails also contain phosphor so they'll glow as well! Phosphorus is actually the second most abundant mineral in your body, with calcium being the first.

These are the functions of phosphorus.

  • Helps your nerves and muscles to do their job.

  • Helps turn fats, carbs, and proteins into energy.

Where are you getting all of this phosphorus in your diet?

  • Meats and other proteins: beef, chicken, fish, and organ meat like liver

  • Milk and dairy foods: eggs, cottage cheese, and ice cream

  • Beans: navy, kidney, soy, pinto, and garbanzo

  • Grains: bran and wheat germ

  • Nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds

As you can see, it is a very common mineral and our body is filled with it. The amount of glow that our teeth will have will greatly depend on the amount of this mineral in our teeth. Every person is different so the level of fluorescence will be different as well.

Can you match the glow of fake teeth in blacklight?

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to match the fluoresence of your crown to your natural teeth. Most of the dental crowns are made to match under normal ambient lighting and not under blacklight. Also, the amount of phosphor in the porcelain is already fixed. There are techniques to increase or decrease the fluoresence but it would most likely add multiple additional appointments to making your crown.

Alternatively, you can have the phosphor level of your teeth analyzed and then try to imitate it with the crown but that is not very practical. The short answer is that, it is possible but not very practical to make your fake teeth glow the same brightness as your real teeth under blacklight.

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