What Is Superfloss?

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What is superfloss?

Superfloss is a type of floss that can do everything that floss does but with additional features. Superfloss has the ability to clean underneath of dental bridges, which regular floss cannot do. You can also use it to clean underneath of the brackets and wires in metal braces.

How is it able to clean underneath of dental bridges and braces?

What this is, is just a piece of floss that is attached to a larger fuzzy floss piece and that is attached to a very stiff end portion.

  • The stiff end portion allows you to thread the floss underneath a bridge. Regular floss is too flimsy for you to thread it underneath of a tooth.

  • The fuzzy portion allows you to clean underneath very well but picking up any food debris. The fuzzy part works similar to how a swifter duster works. It just grabs onto plaque and food debris.

How do you use superfloss?

Here is a video of how to clean underneath of braces with superfloss.

Process to do it:

  1. Grab one piece of superfloss and hold it by the stiff end.

  2. Thread the stiff end underneath of the braces wire or the dental bridge and push it all the way through until it reaches the fuzzy end.

  3. Use the fuzzy and end hug the tooth on both sides and floss back and forth. The motion is similar to drying your back with a towel. After you are done with the tooth on the left, hug the tooth on the right and repeat.

  4. If you are cleaning underneath of a dental bridge, once you have thread it through to the fuzzy part, pull it forward and backwards massaging your gums underneath of the bridge.

Just to make sure, here is a video of using superfloss underneath a dental bridge.

Last but not least, don't forget that the other end of it is regular floss so you can use it to floss the rest of your teeth as usual.

Should you buy it?

That was simple wasn't it? This floss is useful to have but is not necessary if you don't have braces or any bridges. Although if you do happen to have a dental bridge or are undergoing braces, our dentists in long island city highly recommend keeping some superfloss around because otherwise it would be very difficult for you to keep everything clean. It is simply not possible to clean the same way with regular floss since it is not stiff.

An alternative option would be floss threaders. The floss threaders function the same way except you use regular floss. You do lose out on the fuzzy part which we do love! Although our recommendation would be to go with whatever you like using more but we personally like the superfloss more!

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