4 Things You Should Know About Dental Floss With Fluoride

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Is there dental floss with fluoride?

Yes, there is floss with fluoride and you can usually find it in the oral hygiene aisle of your local pharmacy. You do have to read the labels carefully to make sure that the dental floss has fluoride because some of them do not. A rule of thumb is that the fluoride floss usually come flavored. If the floss is not flavored then it most likely does not have any fluoride in it. They add the flavoring because fluoride itself does not have an appealing taste to it.

Which floss has fluoride?

Most brands will usually make a fluoride impregnated dental floss and also one without. You just need to read the label carefully but here are a couple of with fluoride in it.

The best fluoride floss is actually the one that you like using the best because if it makes you want to floss more, it is the best one for you. There isn't anything special about one brand that really separates it from another.

Do floss picks have fluoride?

They do make floss picks with fluoride. They even have ones made for kids as well. These typically come flavored.

In fact, it seems like fluoride impregnated dental floss is more common in the kids products. The reason being, children have thinner enamel and are more likely for the cavities to grow faster so we need to be more vigilant.

We do have to say that for those who have trouble using the regular string, the floss picks are a great alternative! We would prefer that you at least use this instead of giving up on the activity all together. Just to be clear, the string IS the most effective though.

Do all floss have fluoride?

As a matter of fact, not all floss have fluoride. It is actually easier and more common to find floss without fluoride. The fluoride free floss is actually the standard. If you just search on amazon, there are significantly more choices for the fluoride free flosses. It is actually pretty difficult to find a glide floss with fluoride!

We believe that the reason for it is two fold.

  • Adults usually don't need additional fluoride treatment if they already use a fluoridated toothpaste and live in a community with a fluoridated water source.

  • Adults have a thicker layer of enamel so cavities grow more slowly.

Once again, our long island city dentist believe that the best fluoride free floss is the one that makes you want to use it the most. Anything that will encourage your oral hygiene routine is the best one for you.

Closing thoughts

There are dental floss with fluoride out there but the standard or more common variation is a fluoride free floss. Our LIC dentists believe that the best floss for you is the one that you like using the most! How often you should floss would depend on your eating habits but we do recommend that you do it at least once per day before you go to bed.

For children the ones with fluoride may be helpful but it is not necessary for adults. It is perfectly okay to use a natural dental floss!

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