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Should You Eat Ice Cream With Braces?

Updated: May 19, 2023

Would you like to know if you can continue indulging in this sweet treat after the braces are put on? Would it damage your braces or can you still eat it?

Girl with braces
Girl with braces

Table of Contents:

Can you eat ice cream with braces?

You can eat it with braces but it is preferable that you eat plain ice cream because if the ice cream has hard nuts or hard toppings, it can potentially damage your metal braces if you bite into it the wrong way. Plain ice cream without any toppings is the safest to eat because it will not damage your braces or break any brackets.

Ice cream toppings to avoid with braces:

  • Hard nuts

  • Chocolate chips

  • Graham crackers

  • Cookies

  • Large sprinkles

The soft ice cream toppings are edible with braces but you may want to stay away from them if it makes it hard for you to clean your braces afterwards. This mostly applies to caramel or any type of chocolate syrup because they can get stuck in your braces making it difficult to remove. If you do eat these, make sure you brush and floss really well afterwards so you don't end up with cavities.

Can you eat soft serve ice cream with braces?

Soft serve is perfectly fine to eat with your metal braces because as the name implies, it has a very soft consistency and the softness poses no harm to your brackets and wires. Once again, you do have to be careful if you decide to add toppings to your soft serve. Any type of hard toppings can potentially damage your braces.

You must be careful when eating the waffle cone that holds the soft serve ice cream because the waffle cone is usually very hard so if you do bite into it, do it carefully. If you are concerned about the cone potentially harming your braces, you can just not eat that part!

Can you eat popsicles and ice pops with braces?

Ice pops can be eaten with braces but it is preferable to not bite into it because the hard texture may damage your braces. It can cause a bracket to come loose or bend your wire. The same applies to chewing on ice cubes, which may damage your orthodontic wires. Do not bite into ice pops while you have braces on.

The safest way to eat a popsicle is to eat it slowly by licking it or letting it slowly dissolve in your mouth. The ice pops with hard toppings will also be harmful as well.

What about eating cold stone creamery with braces?

cold stone creamery

Cold stone creamery is an amazing establishment for indulgent sweet treats but it may cause harm for your orthodontic brackets and wires. This is because most of the ice cream flavors have a variety of toppings on them, which includes a combination of hard and soft toppings.

Please do try to stay away from the hard add ons because they can damage your wires. Once again, we would prefer for you to eat it plain but of course that would take away from the cold stone creamery experience!


To summarize, it is perfectly fine to eat ice cream with braces but our recommendation is to eat it plain. If your ice cream has any sort of toppings, the hardness of it may damage your metal braces. Also please do not bite into hard ice pops because those are also harmful. If you have any questions, you may contact one of our dentists in long island city.

Alternatively, you could just do Invisalign and avoid all of the wires and brackets that comes with the metal braces. There are no food restrictions for Invisalign since the attachments are bonded on and aren't as likely to come off. Now that we've answered ice cream, are you curious about soda with braces?



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