My Crown Fell Off, What Do I Do?

If your crown is not damaged, there is a possibility to simply reattach it by glue back on your tooth. Of course it all depends on the condition of your tooth underneath the cap as well.

dental crowns on and off
dental crowns on and off

The first thing you should do is contact your dentist because they will be able to assess and give you a permanent solution to your fallen off crown. If you are not able to see your dentist, there are a couple of home remedies that can provide a temporary fix.

What you can do at home for a tooth cap that fell off

  • Inspect the fallen off tooth cap and if it appears undamaged to the best of your ability then proceed to the next step.

  • Rinse off the crown gently so that there is no food or debris.

  • Try it back in your mouth. You may have to rotate it a few times to get it in.

  • Go to your local pharmacy and buy some temporary lost filling & loose cap repair cement.

Recement or reglue your dental crown back on with temporary cement

  • Make sure you brush and floss your teeth. Use some mouthwash as well to make sure your mouth is clean.

  • Place a thin layer of the glue into your tooth cap. Do not put too much, otherwise the crown may not fit back on. In this case, you just want a thin layer of cement.

  • Place the crown with the cement back on your tooth.

  • Bite down a couple of times gently to make sure that it is completely seated and glued in.

  • Floss through the tooth cap but don't pull up. Pull the floss out through the side.

  • You should be okay in the meantime now, just don't chew any gum on that side!

What to do if you are unable to glue the fallen off tooth cap at home

If for whatever reason you are unable to reattach it, place the cap in a ziplock bag and bring it to your dental appointment so that your dentist can cement it back in.

The condition of the tooth underneath will determine how urgent it is to have it cemented back in.
  • If your crown fell off your tooth, it will be very sensitive because the tooth is still alive. This will be urgent because it can be painful at times since the tooth is exposed.

  • If your crown fell of a root canal tooth then it will be less urgent. A tooth with a root canal is no longer alive and has no nerves so you will not feel any sensitivity at all.

If you notice that your tooth is black after the crown has fallen off, that is an indication that it was a root canal tooth. Dead teeth usually become discolored. Photo below of a necrotic or dead tooth.

black tooth from root canal
black tooth from root canal
If your crown fell off an implant, what you should do can vary because there are two types of implant crowns
  • The first type is an implant crown that can be glued in.

  • The second type is an implant crown that is screwed in.

fallen off implant crown
fallen off implant crown

If you do not see a screw attached to the crown then it is the glued in implant crown. For this type, you can follow the instructions above to reglue it with the temprorary cement.

If you do see a screw like the photo above, there is nothing that you can do. Just keep it in a ziplock bag and bring it to your dentist because these need to be screwed back in.


That is basically everything you need to know about what to do with a fallen off crown.

Sometimes you may notice that it smells bad underneath the tooth cap that came off. If you do notice a smell, please rinse it out well and you can even soak it in Listerine mouthwash for a couple of minutes to kill the odor.

These scenarios are a lot more likely if your cap was a temporary crown because those were glued with a temporary cement so it is not as strong. Although once in a while, your permanent crown can come off as well. That is due to normal wear and tear and maybe sometimes the cement gets dissolved.

Last but not least, if your fallen off crown has cracked or has a crack in it, there would be nothing you can do. You can't reattach it so just bring it in with you to your appointment with one of our long island city dentist. If the tooth cap needs to be replaced, we will get you all patched up as good as new!

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