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PFM crowns next to Porcelain crowns

Porcelain Crown - Long Island City, NY

Restore your smile with porcelain tooth caps

A porcelain crown is a cap that is placed over your tooth to protect it and restore it back to its original shape and function. It is a full coverage restoration that is used after a tooth has suffered significant harm or damage, ranging from cavities to trauma. Perhaps, one of our restorative dentist in Long Island City can help give your tooth a second chance.

What we offer

Our dental team at Jackson Ave Dental offers three types of porcelain crowns in Long Island City. You may request for zirconia, emax, or porcelain for your dental crown from our dentist office. All three options are considered all ceramic and are metal-less. That means you won't see an unsightly dark metal substructure underneath of the tooth cap.

tooth bridge

Zirconia Crown

Tooth caps that are made of zirconia are incredibly durable. They're known for their robust quality and can withstand heavy biting forces. The infamous bruxzir hammer test is a testament to its prowress.

emax crown

Emax Crown

An emax crown is made from lithium disilicate and can be bonded onto the tooth like a porcelain veneer. Its aesthetics exceeds that of zirconia but isn't as strong as it.

fractured front veneer


"All porcelain" crowns can refer to a variety of different ceramic materials. It could mean feldspathic porcelain or even zirconia or emax. The feldspathic does look very life-like but is the least durable of the three.

When is a porcelain crown needed?

Crowns are considered a restorative dental procedure which means it is used to restore your tooth after it has suffered an insult. There are many oral conditions which can lead to tooth damage or injury.

Conditions requiring a tooth cap:

  • Tooth decay

  • Chipped enamel

  • After a root canal and a post and core.

  • Worn down dentition (bruxism or acid erosion)

  • Sports injury or trauma

  • Broken tooth or fracture

Benefits of crowning a tooth

How we can help

Our team of long island city dentists at Jackson Ave Dental can custom make your porcelain crown for you.The entire procedure will take two visits.


The first appointment will take 45-60 minutes. It involves preparing the tooth and taking an impression of it.

The second crown appointment will take 30 minutes. It is shorter because your new tooth cap just needs to be glued in permanently and adjusted.

First Visit: 45-60 minutes

  1. Administer numbing gel followed by local anesthesia (lidocaine).

  2. Wait 3-5 minutes for numbing to take effect.

  3. Prepare the tooth and shave it down in order to fit the ceramic crown.

  4. Take an impression of the prepared tooth.

  5. Pick a tooth shade for the final restoration.

  6. Fabricate a temporary crown and glue it in with temporary cement.

  7. Send all of the materials to dental lab to make permanent cap.

Second Visit: 30 minutes

  1. Administer numbing for comfort.

  2. Remove temporary tooth cap

  3. Clean off residual temporary cement from tooth.

  4. Try in the permanent porcelain crown to see if you like it.

  5. Adjust the bite (occlusion) and contact (flossing tightness).

  6. Polish the restoration.

  7. Permanently cement it.

  8. Clean off residual cement.


The cost of a porcelain crown would depend on your insurance coverage. On average, most PPO dental insurances will cover the procedure at 50% which means you'll have a 50% copay.

We won't know the precise cost until we verify your insurance coverage. The good news is that our dentist office is in network with most of the major insurance companies. That means you'll get additional savings compared to seeing an out of network dentist or one who doesn't take insurance.


How long does it last?

Studies have shown that porcelain crowns (ceramic) have a 90.9-93.5% success rate over 36 to 223 months. In other words, it should last for a fairly long time in your mouth with good odds. After all, it is a part of the standard of dental care to crown it in order to extend its longevity.

Disadvantages of a porcelain crown

While it may last for a very long time, it is not as durable as one with metal such as a gold crown. Those tend to last for decades in the mouth. Unfortunately, patients don't want a gold front tooth and shy away from it due to its yellow color. The current trend is to have porcelain which mimics your natural enamel.

Ready to make an appointment?

Is your tooth in need of major repair? Perhaps a porcelain crown in Long Island City with our team of restorative dentists at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental can help protect your tooth. You may self schedule online or give us a call and our receptionist will help you.

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