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Teeth Grinding in Long Island City

Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

What is Bruxism and what causes teeth grinding?

Bruxism Definition - more commonly known as teeth grinding is a parafunctional habit. Patients who suffer from bruxism typically do it subconsciously either during the day or while they are sleeping. Some people are aware of it while others get told that they grind by their significant other. The teeth grinding sounds can get pretty loud at night!

The most common cause of teeth grinding is actually due to stress. Hopefully whatever is causing the patient stress is just transient but other times it may be an  ongoing event that is transpiring in one's life which is out of their control. In that case, it becomes a chronic condition.

An example of transient teeth grinding would most notably be in children! They usually grow out of it within a few months!

If you are unsure if you grind or not, please schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentist in long island city so that we can give you a definitive diagnosis!

Teeth grinding treatment with a long island city dentist

Manual Therapy

Sore jaw muscles are a very common side effect. Since you are grinding away for eight hours straight while sleeping, those muscles are TIRED!

You will develop muscle knots and trigger points in your jaw and chewing muscles, usually resulting in jaw pain.

Manual therapy is required to get blood flow into the area to help the muscles recover. If they do not recover, sometimes they will spasm and cause you to either grind more, which exacerbates your pain.

Making a mouth guard or night guard

The most notable side effect of grinding would be worn down dentition. The teeth will look flat like some of the enamel might be missing.

A must do plan of action would be to make a teeth grinding mouth guard. We refer to this as a night guard since you wear it at night time.

The mouth guard is a thick piece of plastic that is customized for your mouth. It will protect your teeth from grinding since you'll be grinding away on plastic rather than your own teeth!


You must do your best to de-stress since that is the primary cause. Yoga, meditation, or whatever helps you to relax would be best!

An alternative would be to actually receive botox injections into your jaw muscles so that you grind less.


Is it possible to stop teeth grinding naturally?

Yes! Some people naturally stop once the stressful event in their life has ended. Unfortunately there are some who will continue to do it for an extended period of time.

Will a night guard stop teeth grinding?

The mouth guard will not stop you from doing it but it will protect your teeth from being ground flat.

Does my insurance cover a night guard for teeth grinding?

Most insurance typically will cover a percentage of the night guard. Please inform one of our long island city dental staff so that we may send a pre-determination of benefit to see if you have coverage for it.

How do you repair the worn enamel from teeth grinding?

It is possible to repair all of the damage from grinding and we do that through restorative dentistry. We would have to restore your tooth back to its original condition, which may include a combination of tooth fillings, dental crowns, and dental veneers.

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