Root Canal

What are Root Canals?

When we talk about a tooth needing a root canal, we mean that the nerve needs to be taken out of the tooth. Afterwards the root canal gets a filling material placed within it to prevent any future dental infection.

Although in actuality, every tooth has a root canal where the nerve and blood supply runs through to keep the tooth alive and healthy. Some teeth may have multiple root canals within one tooth.


The number of canals often determine the cost of a root canal. 

The most obvious reason for needing a root canal is when you are experiencing extreme dental pain. The toothache may be so bad that it can keep you up at night. The tooth pain will literally interrupt your daily life. The cause of this is usually due to a tooth cavity or tooth decay that has traveled to the nerve.


Once this happens it is officially a tooth infection and needs to be addressed before you develop a dental abscess. It is very important to seek out a dentist immediately because when left alone, the abscess may lead to  facial swelling.

How would I know that I need a root canal?

Word of Caution:

You may not always be experiencing tooth pain even if the tooth decay has reached the nerve. You may feel completely fine but if the cavity has already reached the nerve then it still needs a root canal. This is similar to how high blood pressure and high cholesterol do not cause any pain until the last second right before a heart attack. That is why they are called the silent killers. Root canals may behave in a similar way sometimes.


Other times the tooth may already have an infection at the tip of the root. It typically shows up as a dark circle around the tip of the root. So don't be surprised if you feel completely fine but some how have a tooth infection.

Oddly enough, many people may be walking around with a tooth infection and never know it because they may stay asymptomatic for a long period of time. Nonetheless, you can count on the body to eventually let you know about it when it decides to act up. Often it does so at the most inopportune times such as while you are on vacation or during a holiday weekend. When it does hit you, it hits you hard with an excruciating toothache. The tooth pain will be something that you've never experienced before!

Aside from that, we believe that it is prudent for everyone to be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE especially when it comes to their health. The whole point is to address problems before they arise so that you don't have to experience any dental pain. Besides that, why would you leave a festering dental abscess in your mouth? Your tooth is connected to the rest of your body via the blood stream and it is neighbors with your brain.

So are you proactive or reactive?

What are the consequences if I don't do the treatment?

What does 1311 Jackson Ave Dental offer?

Yes! Our dentists here at our long island city office does offer root canal treatments. We will remove the nerve from the tooth and disinfect the entire root canal. All of this is done under a rubber dam.


Afterwards we will place a dental crown over it once the treatment is completed. A crown or tooth cap is needed because the blood supply also gets removed along with the nerve. When there is no more blood and nutrients going to the tooth, it starts to get very brittle and may break if you bite something hard. A second reason is that once the nerve is taken out, the tooth is now dead and it will start to discolor over time so the tooth cap is also for cosmetic reasons as well.