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The Forge LIC - Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Are you looking for The Forge LIC reviews? Well, we stayed here for 18 months but we started before the pandemic and lived through it.

The Forge LIC - Day Time
The Forge LIC - Day Time

Table of Contents:

The Building

The Forge LIC is located at 44-28 Purves Street, Long Island City, NY 11101.

  • Main entrance. It is directly on Purves street, a quaint cul de sac. Technically a two way but it is a really tight street for a two way. Never really been a fan of this street because at the end of the block there is Thompson Ave but it is at a higher level. This gives the street a lot less sunlight and it always felt gloomy. This is a dead end street and to exit, you would need to turn back around to reach Jackson Ave.

  • Side entrance. The building only has one other exit and that is on Thompson Ave. Loved exiting through here in lieu of Purves street just because it is always brighter. Right across you'll see Arris Lofts and the new construction across from the Long Island City Court House.

  • Parking. There is garage parking that is attached to the building, sharing the same entrance on Purves street. It is not included in your monthly and can be purchased at an additional cost. There are some available street parking right outside but difficult to procure. When you go out onto Jackson Ave and beyond, all of the spots are metered.

The overall building is very nice and very well maintained. There aren't holes on the floor or anything of the sort. It has a very nice feeling to it. They also proclaim that it is energy efficient since they do supplement some of the energy with solar panels on the roof top.

  • Elevators. There are three of them with one of them being the freight that is larger than the other two. Most of the time, the freight elevator is reserved for people moving in and out, and also for emptying the refuse rooms on each floor. It normally runs pretty OK with just two elevators but there can be a wait if you are entering and leaving during peak hours. Sometimes the elevators do go down and you're stuck with using just one. That is the only time that it gets bad but you know how finicky elevators are... Overall, it wasn't terrible and most of the time it has been pretty smooth.

recycling piled up in elevator
  • Hallways on each individual floor. Each floor is typically very quiet. Not sure why but it is quiet. We've actually only seen our neighbors a total of ten times throughout our 18 month stay. There are no windows in the hallway so it does have a darker feel to it.

  • Refuse room. There is one recycling and trash room on each floor. They've two bins, one for cardboard and another for recycling plastics. There is also a garbage chute embedded into the wall. The staff at The Forge does a really good job at keeping this room clear so we've never really seen it pile up at all. They must empty it at least 2-3x a week. Have you been in other buildings where this room gets filled to the brim and you can't open the door? Luckily, never had that happen here.

The Amenities

The Forge LIC offers a whole suite of amenities but it is not included with the monthly rent. Access to it will be an additional charge on top of the rent and you get a little key fob that grants you access to all of the spaces.

  • The rooftop. There is a lounge up here along with a pool table. You don't need to bring your own balls or sticks as they have it available. Out on the terrace, there are seating available for you to enjoy the long island city skyline.

  • The gym. Pretty spacious gym located on the first floor in a separate building with a couple of treadmills, ellipticals, rowing, and a few bikes. There are a couple of machines of standard weight lifting machines and one cable machine. There is one rack of dumbells. To the side there is a fitness studie for yoga classes and etc. There is no power rack or heavy weight lifting equipment so all all the gym rats may need to supplement with an additional gym membership elsewhere.

  • The pool. Outdoor pool, not an indoor pool so that means it is only open for about 3-4 months in the summertime. When it is open, there is a lifeguard on duty. It does get pretty crowded during the summer! There is a space that is connected to the gym where you can change and is part of the bathroom.

  • BBQ Grills. They have a couple of grills that you can use for BBQ. Bring your own meat!

  • Lounges. There are two connected lounges that are nearby to the pool and grill space.

  • Community events. Sometimes the building will host food events such as bbq from local restaurants and other times there will be movie nights out on the lawn. There is a big screen projector on the wall. This is an outdoor event.

  • Cold storage. The package room has two big fridges so if you have groceries delivered, they can keep it cold for you. I've ordered the 24 case of beer before and they literally put the whole case in the fridge...

The Staff

The staff here are amazing and they're always super friendly. The concierge at the front desk are available at all hours of the day because it is 24 hour service. You'll never miss a single package! Some other buildings only have a full time doorman which means from 8am to 8pm but sometimes people like to do deliveries before that time or after...

  • Maintenance. Whenever we put in tickets, they've always come on the same day such as for unclogging the bathroom drain or the sinks. We've had one of the frames on the window fall off and they've always come on the same day for that as well. Our AC unit did get clogged once and they had to replace the flooring but that took a few days because they needed parts. Overall, they're pretty expeditious about taking care of tickets.

Haven't had an issue that they couldn't resolve.

Living in your unit

Our unit practically looked brand new when we moved in. We do remember when we were looking at other units, they had a crew redoing the walls and etc after every tenant moved out. Probably why everything looked like it was maintained pretty well.

  • Noise level. It was very quiet, we never heard our neighbors inside of our unit and that includes any from the sides or from up above and down below. We barely saw anyone in the hallways on our own floor.

  • Bathroom. The floors are heated, which was a very nice touch.

  • Closet space. The Forge LIC was one of the few buildings that we looked at which had ample closet space. Our 1 bedroom had a large double doored hallway closet and a double sliding door bedroom closet.

  • Laundry. In unit Bosch washer and dryer along with an additional full sized single door laundry closet.

  • Kitchen. Ample amount of kitchen storage. More than you would need, we promise. Only thing I could think of was that it could use more chopping space! Six burner stove with a real oven. The only downside is that there isn't any real ventilation for if you're doing heavy cooking. They have the underneath the microwave fan but the fire alarm will go off if you're stir frying anything that a decent amount of smoke.

  • Windows. They don't open all the way. They are the suicide prevent windows. Our particular unit had a lot of sunlight and the window treatment were definitely necessary. During the middle of the day it would feel like a greenhouse if you didn't have the blinds down.

  • AC. There is no central air nor a thermostat but there is an in unit on the floor AC unit in each of the rooms that do have temperature control on them. They tend to be on automatic energy saver mode where it shuts off after it reaches the temperature you set.

Our electricity bill was like really low. We've had many months were it was well below $100.

Would we live there again?

Honestly, we really enjoyed our time living there and don't really have anything negative to say about it. Checking out and moving out was a pretty smooth process as well. If the situation ever arises, we definitely would consider living there again, too bad its just a rental!

Overall, out of all the buildings that we toured, we felt like the forge lic was the nicest one. It had roughly 200 units and we felt like that size offered the best ratio of amenities to services. Buildings that are too small don't have enough and buildings that are too big just get chaotic. We had fond memories of this building in long island city.

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About the author: Dr David Chen, DDS

Hello, I'm Dr Chen and I'm an actively practicing dentist in Long Island City, NY. I graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2016 but prior to going to dental school I was already working in the dental field. It's been more than a decade since I first got to know dentistry and let me tell you, time flies by quickly. Since then I've developed a fondness for writing, which is how this all got started!

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