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The Best Physical Therapy in Long Island City

Updated: May 28, 2022

This is a recommendation from our office for the best Long Island City physical therapy! Of course, it is just our opinion~

Table of Contents:

Who is Lion Physical Therapy?

They are a team of physical therapists located in Long Island City but they've recently added a second location in Greenpoint. It was started by their founder, Dr David Jung, at their LIC office located at 2420 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101. We found them because they were within walking distance from our dental office, 7 minutes and .3 miles to be precise.

This is a list of their services:

  • Back and neck pain or stiffness

  • Shoulder injury, pain, and tightness

  • Sports injuries

  • Sprained ankle or knee injury

  • Pain in hip flexor, hamstring, groin, calves or achilles tendons

  • Pain on the bottom of your foot

  • Low back pain from sitting or standing

  • Pain or difficulty from putting your socks on

That is a truncated list of services and treatment options that they provide but they can do much more. All you have to do is schedule a consultation with them and they will let you know. Your treatment will be a one on one session with one of their doctors, Dr David Jung or Dr Andrew Moscatiello. Yes, you read that correctly, it is a one on one face time with the doctor directly and you get about an hour of his time all to yourself.

Lion Physical Therapy - Long Island City location

At their LIC location, which we've been to multiple times, it is located on the second floor of a multi-office building with many other types of businesses inside. You get to be in an isolated 20x20 feet room with just you and the doctor. There will be no other patients there because the entire room is the treatment area.

The appointment scheduling is approximately one person per hour so there is no double booking or wait time. You can't get safer with COVID protocols like that! Let me repeat, just you and the doctor in one big room with no one else there.

What does physical therapy have to do with dentistry?

Why is a dental office talking about physical therapy you ask because unbeknownst to most people, physical therapy is incredibly important in treating TMJ disorders. Yes, if you are having TMJ pain, your dentist can make you a night guard, which will protect your teeth from grinding and alleviate some of the jaw pressure but the muscles still need to be treated.

Your grinding and teeth clenching muscles will get sore and develop muscle knots from overuse. These muscles are best treated by a physical therapist.

  • Temporalis muscle

  • Masseter muscle

  • Lateral pterygoid muscle

  • Medial pterygoid muscle

Your physical therapist will teach you stretches and strengthening exercises for the jaw muscles so that they get better and more resilient to overuse. This won't completely cure your TMJ issues but it will certain dramatically alleviate their symptoms. A healthier muscle will lead to less teeth grinding and less teeth clenching. Don't forget that most of these issues stem from stressful events or conditions in our lives. The only way to cure it would be to completely destress.

We believe that a lot of our TMJ patients can benefit from physical therapy but unfortunately based on what we've seen so far, most dental offices do not have a physical therapist referral ready in their drawer. We're trying to raise awareness and possibly change that. Just making a night guard is insufficient in treating TMJ pain.

Dental offices will screen you for physical therapy issues

You may be surprised but when you are required to lay down in a dental chair for dental treatment lasting almost an hour, a lot of your body aches can start to show up and your dentist being as astute as they are, will take notice of it. For example, we've seen a lot of patients start moving around and cricking their necks halfway through the cavity filling procedure and if we see you do it quite a few times throughout, we may recommend that you see a physical therapist afterwards!

Why do we think they are the best long island city physical therapy?

We love that they offer one on one sessions with the doctor. Some of the really big physical therapy chains will have you working with a physical therapy assistant. Not that that is particularly bad but it just feels more personal when you get undivided attention from the doctor himself!

You also get about an hour of treatment time per session. If it is your first time there, they'll do an assessment which takes up about half of the time and then the treatment comes afterwards. If you've been there before, you'll jump right into treatment after a recap of where you left off last time. Due to how this works, you definitely need to get at least three sessions with them for you to fully grasp what it is like to go to PT.

We've always endorsed small local businesses over large corporate chains. There is also the fact that Dr David Jung is Dr David Chen's physical therapist. So, we do have first hand personal experience of what it is like.

Dentistry as a career can be pretty hazardous on your body. You spend all day looking at someone upside down through a tiny mirror trying to peer into a dark and small oral cavity. That can seriously cause some aches and pains in your low back, upper back, and neck. Not the most ergonomic friendly profession out there we must say. Most dentists actively seek either physical therapy or a chiropractor so that they can keep on practicing!

Final thoughts

We do believe that Lion Physical Therapy does offer an amazing service. There is also the fact that they are very local and conveniently accessible. Last but not least, you should always support local over a big box retailer!

We promise that it is purely coincidental that Dr Chen chose Dr Jung because both of their names were David. Then again, his CPA is also named David... But seriously, Dr Jung knows his stuff cold and he is definitely the best physical therapist in LIC. You'll be in great hands! So what are you waiting for, go on and check out the best long island city physical therapy. You can conveniently schedule an appointment through their online booking system here. Not every LIC doctor's office permits self scheduling.

This article is brought to you by your favorite dentist in long island city.

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About the author: Dr David Chen, DDS

Hello, I'm Dr Chen and I'm an actively practicing dentist in Long Island City, NY. I graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2016 but prior to going to dental school I was already working in the dental field. It's been more than a decade since I first got to know dentistry and let me tell you, time flies by quickly. Since then I've developed a fondness for writing, which is how this all got started!

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This blog is purely meant for information purposes and should not be used as medical advice. Each situation in your mouth is unique and complex. It is not possible to give advice nor diagnose any oral conditions based on text nor virtual consultations. The best thing to do is to go in person to see your dentist for an examination and consultation so that you can receive the best care possible.

The purpose of all of this oral health information is to encourage you to see your dentist and to inform you of what you may expect during your visit. Due to the unfortunate nature of dentistry, there isn't really any true home remedies that will get rid of dental problems. Roughly 99.99% of them require in-person intervention by a healthcare professional.

Hint: That is the reason why you can't eliminate seeing dentists in your life!

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