Purpose of a Business

What do you think is the purpose of a business? Is it solely to generate profits for shareholders?

Our perspective aligns more with Drucker's. He believed that businesses were more like organs of society in that society cannot exist without businesses nor can businesses exist by itself.

That statement is true and I can actually prove it! I am currently a practicing dentist but if I was ship wrecked on a deserted island, all of my dental knowledge and skills would be pretty worthless... but imagine if I was a washed ashore a non-deserted island. That would be a completely different story. Therefore, how "useful" I am is actually determined by how "needed" I am. I exist because my patients need me.

This was how we arrived at our Mission Statement:

We are a boutique dental office created to serve the greater LIC community. Our mission is to build an enduring and sustainable relationship with those we serve. Therefore, we persist not because we insist but because you need us so.

This office stands because we are needed. When we are no longer needed, this office will be gone. Therefore, if you appreciate our services and don't want us to disappear please let the world know about us! The easiest way for you to do so is to leave us a review online either through Google or Yelp! That way we can stick around in long island city.

Please help us with all of our online listings!

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