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MOGMOG: Premium Fish Japanese Market in Long Island City

Updated: May 19

The first market in long island city to offer sashimi and sushi grade fish plus other Japanese products to the LIC community. They've a lot of lunch items and sundries but no indoor seating!

MOGMOG LIC Store front

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MogMog LIC was founded by a couple, Jun & Yui Odani, who are both long time Long Island City residents. MogMog hosted their grand opening on 2/1/22 and welcomed LIC to the neighborhood's first Japanese fish market. They market themselves as a "premium fish and Japanese market". Also, mogmog means "munch munch" in Japanese.

Apparently Jun Odani is the owner of Kuroshio, a fish wholesaler that supplies a lot of fresh Japanese fish to many sushi restaurants in the city. They receive multiple shipments straight from Japan a few times a week. MogMog LIC is offering that same fish to long island city.

We are waiting for an alternative form of confirmation to verify its authenticity since there isn't much information about the company on Google. Although we do have to say, from what we can see, the quality of the fish and the meats look as they call it, "premium". They look really tasty.

MogMog will be the first Japanese market to offer fresh sashimi and sushi grade fish but they aren't the first Japanese supermarket in LIC. Don't forget that Koufuku Market, a Japanese grocery store has been around for awhile now!

Their store is about 800 sqft so it is not a huge supermarket in case you were wondering. It is a small quaint Japanese market.

Contact information

They're located in the southern part of hunters point, about a block away from Takumen and the 108th police precinct.


Address: 5-35 51st Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

Phone: 516-303-9183



  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday: 10:30am - 8pm

  • Wednesday: 10:30am - 8pm

  • Thursday: 10:30am - 8pm

  • Friday: 10:30am - 8pm

  • Saturday: 10:30am - 8pm

  • Sunday: 10:30am - 6pm


They're literally a block away from the Vernon Blvd 7 train station. They're also sandwiched by the two Q103 bus stations that come straight down Vernon Blvd.

The store is on 51st Ave and its a very residential one way street. Its not metered but parking is up in the air! If you head back to Vernon, they do have quite a few metered parking spots in that mini parking lot. It is easier to just walk here if you're in the neighborhood in our opinion. We see a lot of moms with strollers in the store.

What do they sell?

Their prized offering would be their fish since the owner is a wholesale fish supplier for sushi restaurants across the city. You can check out photos of their fish on their instagram. They have the fish displayed in a small open fridge and these are some of the ones that we've seen.

  • Akami tuna

  • Chutoro

  • Otoro

  • Uni

  • Shrimp

I'm pretty sure they'll have whatever it is that you want because they will even slice the fish up for you. If they don't have it, you can probably ask them to arrange it for you next time. After all, they are a fish supplier.

Meat and Vegetables

Towards the back of the store, they have a larger section with meats and vegetables. Some notable products were the A5 Wagyu steaks and also pork. They do have a small selection of a variety of vegetables. What is offered seems to change on a periodic basis but that may have more to do with the different months and seasons.

meat and vegetables in fridge of mogmog

The wagyu looks really tasty. We have seen them offer boxes of put together sukiyaki ingredients in the past.

Frozen foods section

They've a variety of frozen foods in the freezer section in the back.

  • Croquettes

  • Dumplings, gyoza, shumai

  • Takoyaki

  • Noodles

Non-refridgerated and sundries

  • Sauces such as soysauce

  • Kewpie mayo

  • Varieties of premium rice

  • A lot of Japanese snacks

Lunch Menu Items

They've a lot of lunch items such as the jumbo chicken sandwich, riceballs, bentos, and etc. They have been offering a Wagyu burger which you can order but it'll take about 10 minutes for it to make.

Of course they have a couple of different rolls of sushi. They don't have indoor seating but there are a few tables with chairs outside if you wanted to eat nearby.

What we like about them

Definitely a welcomed addition to the neighborhood since its the first of its kind. Where else are you going to get fish like this? Its nice that they offer quite a bit of specialty items that are different from the other markets in the neighborhood. The city acres market does carry quite a bit of asian groceries as well but MogMog LIC definitely has a very Japanese feel to it.

If you haven't been here yet, you should definitely go check them out. Its good to support local businesses. With that out of the way, there has always been quite a few Japanese people that have made LIC their home and apparently it already started back in 2005. Supposedly long island city was on the verge of being called Japantown, although I don't think that ever came to fruition. There are still quite a few Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood though!

On a side note... there is a Korean store/restaurant that is in the middle of construction across the street called Little Banchan Shop by Chef Hooni Kim of Danji NYC and Hanjan NYC.

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