Four stores were burglarized in Long Island City

Updated: Apr 18

Just before the break of dawn between the hours of 3-5am, four local stores in LIC had a few thousand dollars in cash stolen on 4/5/22.

Photo was by Michael Dorgan, we've provided a link back to his post.

The affected businesses appear to be Olives organic Market, The Inkan, Moge Tee, and Communitea. Their front glass doors were smashed and had their cash registers broken into. The suspects fled the scene leaving a complete mess.

From a business perspective, glass doors are extremely expensive to replace. Our dental office on Jackson Avenue have gotten astonishing quotes for the doors in the past. They definitely aren't inexpensive and they only increase in price, the larger the glass door's surface area. It also depends on how thick the door is as well. It was quite a surprise to us.

We're also surprised that businesses actually keep that amount of cash in their cash registers overnight. Is that the norm for local businesses to do?

Honestly, we're not too sure because we barely keep any cash in our office, 1311 Jackson Ave Dental. In fact, we prefer for all of our patients and customers to pay with a card in lieu of cash. It is safer and more secure but we understand that it is illegal to turn away cash as a monetary form. Businesses in the past have been fined for turning away cash. If you are running a business, you can't do that in case you didn't know.

Regardless, most of our patients do prefer to pay with card. You get points for doing that and everybody loves points!

Hopefully, our local LIC police department will be able to apprehend the suspects. Maybe the homeless guy by the court square diner saw what happened...

We do have to mention that our neighbor Taste Creme did have an attempted break in over Christmas last year but thankfully the suspects were chased away by a good Samaritan. We share the same building as them located at 1311 Jackson Ave, Long Island City NY 11101.


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