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Fifth Hammer: Long Island City Brewery

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Fifth Hammer Brewing is our favorite Long Island City brewery. Despite the small size of the neighborhood there are actually six breweries in the area.

Fifth Hammer
Fifth Hammer

Table of Contents:

Background history on Fifth Hammer

Interestingly, as of 4/29/22 there is no about us page on their homepage so I guess we'll give them an introduction. If they do add one, then perhaps it was due to us!

The two founders, Chris Cuzme and David Scharfstein, began looking for a location to set up their brewery and taproom back in 2015. Prior to that, Cuzme had been home brewing beer since 2001. The duo finally settled on 10-28 46th Ave in Long island city and first opened their doors on October of 2017.

They offer a wide selection of craft beer:

  • IPA

  • Lagers

  • Sours

  • Stouts

  • Porters

  • Witbier

  • Red ales

  • Brown ales

  • Pilsners

The list is not all inclusive because Fifth hammer brewing company doesn't actually maintain the same menu throughout the entire year. This brewery has a rotating selection of artisanal craft beers that changes every week or two. If you come back two weeks later, you may see a completely different menu of beer.

What we've seen them do is maintain a variety of different profiles but switch out an ingredient or two based on the seasons. For example for this one sour that we like, sometimes it'll be blueberry and other times it'll be raspberry. They don't always have that particular one but it'll rotate in for awhile and then disappear for a few weeks but it'll usually reappear at some later date either in the same flavor or slightly different one!

That keeps you coming back. With that being said, they do experiment and bring out completely new ones as well. They also keep some ciders and a couple of wines on the menu as well but their main focus is beer.

Hours and Contact information

Here are a couple of ways to contact them:

These are their hours:

  • Monday: 2-10pm

  • Tuesday: 2-10pm

  • Wednesday: 2-11pm

  • Thursday: 12-11pm

  • Friday: 12pm-12am

  • Saturday: 12pm-12am

  • Sunday: 12-10pm

Fifth Hammer brewery parking

Unfortunately there is no dedicated parking lot for Fifth hammer. There are some paid parking garages close but but you should be able to find some street parking as well. Most of the spots in the immediate area are residential and a little warehouse like but they're not metered. You can find metered spots if you approach closer to Vernon Boulevard.

Do they also serve food?

This brewery does not have a kitchen but they do serve simple bar snacks such as chips, jerkey, and sometimes chocolates.

In lieu of having a kitchen, Fifth Hammer does invite food trucks which are parked right outside on 46th Ave and you can find their information on their food calendar. Some of the food trucks that we've seen are:

Sometimes they also offer food from other restaurants as well such as:

Last but not least, you are more than welcome to bring your own food or have food delivered there. It is technically BYOF, bring your own food. Just for clarity, these food trucks and food offerings don't always stay the same and sometimes the vendors change!

How is the seating and peak hours?

They offer a variety of seating options, both inside and outside.

  • Indoor seating. There are quite a few tables inside but just to note, more than half of the space is actually occupied by the brewing machinery on the left side.

They brew on site
They brew on site

  • Bar seating. Traditional bar seating on high chairs.

  • Outdoor seating. They have quite a few tables placed along the sidewalk. During warmer weathers, you'll find large groups of friends just hanging out outside. Plus there is the food truck outside on most days!

Fifth hammer - outdoor seating
Fifth hammer - outdoor seating

How busy do they get:

  • Weekdays. Normally they aren't too busy but after happy hour, it does get busier but you can usually still find a spot pretty easily. The week nights on Fridays do get more packed!

  • Weekends. This place gets busy during the weekends! It tends to get pretty difficult to find seating but they do offer to go cans as singles or in four packs. Some people hop around the breweries since there are currently 5 with 1 more about to open soon in Long Island City.

What we like about them

Fifth Hammer brewing company is Dr David Chen's favorite LIC brewery because of their sour beer. It is amazing that they always have about three to four different sours on the menu at all times. It seems like sour beer are becoming more widely available now but in the past, it use to be really difficult to find them so it has been a blessing that it is available this close by to the office. It is a bit of a shame sometimes when the one you like disappears from the menu for awhile but they eventually come back!

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About the author: Dr David Chen, DDS

Hello, I'm Dr Chen and I'm an actively practicing dentist in Long Island City, NY. I graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2016 but prior to going to dental school I was already working in the dental field. It's been more than a decade since I first got to know dentistry and let me tell you, time flies by quickly. Since then I've developed a fondness for writing, which is how this all got started!

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Medical Disclaimer:

This blog is purely meant for information purposes and should not be used as medical advice. Each situation in your mouth is unique and complex. It is not possible to give advice nor diagnose any oral conditions based on text nor virtual consultations. The best thing to do is to go in person to see your dentist for an examination and consultation so that you can receive the best care possible.

The purpose of all of this oral health information is to encourage you to see your dentist and to inform you of what you may expect during your visit. Due to the unfortunate nature of dentistry, there isn't really any true home remedies that will get rid of dental problems. Roughly 99.99% of them require in-person intervention by a healthcare professional.

Hint: That is the reason why you can't eliminate seeing dentists in your life!

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