Court Square Diner Homeless Guy in Long Island City

Updated: May 23

WHO is this guy? Do you guys know who we are talking about and have you seen him before? He is not always there but you can find him chilling by the side of the diner on most days.

Court Square Diner
Court Square Diner


Our dental office opened on Jackson Ave in Long Island City officially on 08/04/2019 but we've been traveling back and forth to the neighborhood since late 2017 when we were looking for a space...

On our way to the office, we're usually traveling straight down Jackson Avenue and we usually see this guy who appears to be homeless, or is he? Some days he is not there and other days he is there. We've noticed that there are times he would "disappear" for a few days but then he would reappear and return to his spot.

His spot is right next to the Court Square Diner, off to the side of the steps and right next to the gate leading to the back alleyway. We've also seen him sleeping right across the street at the base of the court square subway steps leading up.

Our Theory

We don't believe he is actually homeless... Maybe his name is Tony? But, we're not sure.

Why do we think he isn't homeless:

  • He keeps two large luggage inside of the locked gateway of the alley.

  • Sometimes he is on his laptop typing away.

  • He even has an extension cord to power his laptop by borrowing electricity from the diner. Is he "borrowing"?

Do homeless people still need a laptop? Perhaps? But what is he doing on it?

For the longest time we thought that maybe he was the owner of the diner and that he chose to live that way. Maybe he was doing payroll whenever he was on the laptop. We can see him eating breakfast on a foldable chair sometimes too.

So we looked into the history of the diner

  • The Court Square Diner is located on 45-30 23rd St, Long Island City NY 11101.

  • It has been serving the LIC neighborhood since 1946.

  • Apparently the diner is currently owned by the Kanellos brothers, Steve Kanellos and Nick Kanellos, who bought it back in 1991.

The two brothers have been running it for over three decades now and the homeless guy doesn't look like either of them. Nor does he look like their son. He definitely looks well past 50 years of age.

But yeah... WHO is this guy? As far as we know, he has been here since before 2017. Maybe he has information on who burglarized four stores in LIC awhile back...

Please leave us an email if you have any information at

Thank you!

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