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Medical Disclaimer

Medical disclaimer regarding what the purpose of our oral health content is, how it should be used, and how it should not be used. Basically, what is it that we at Jackson Ave Dental is trying to do.

Content is meant to be purely informational

Dentistry or rather oral health is a mystery to the general populace. Part of that has to do with the prevalence of dental fear and anxiety. Most people don't even want to know about what goes on during the treatments and procedures, hence why patients request nitrous oxide or to be "put to sleep" for the surgical procedures.

For those who've mustered their courage to overcome their fear by coming to our site we applaud you for that. Even though it may be scary, learning about it can assuage your fears. After all, knowledge is man's greatest weapon.

What we are trying to do is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you know what to expect when you go to the dentist. That way when you receive your diagnosis from your doctor, it won't blind side you. You'll be able to keep your cool and composure which in turn will help you process all of the information in a clear headed way.

In order to do all of this, our goal is to become your primary source of trusted oral health info.

Not to be misconstrued as medical advice

Despite our efforts to provide you with the best information possible regarding any questions you may have about your oral health, our content should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

The reason is because each and every situation is unique in its own right. Simply comparing a couple of signs/symptoms with some online pictures is not sufficient for you to arrive at a diagnosis and consequently its treatment. Only your dentist can give you a definitive diagnosis.

If what you're feeling is sharing similarities with what we're writing about, it is a SIGN that you should make an appointment with your dentist to have it checked out. In fact, that is our recommendation and also the purpose of our information. It is to encourage you to go in and see your dentist.

A common theme that we're espousing is that 99.99% of all oral health problems require physical intervention by a dental professional. That is simply the unfortunate nature of our profession. It is one of the reasons why you haven't been able to get rid of us from your life!

We are building a virtual consultation service

Once again, it is simply impossible to provide an accurate diagnosis via a virtual consultation. A large part of the clinical exam requires your dentist to physically examine and be able to touch everything. There is a lot of information that is being left out if you do a consultation online.

The vast majority of recommendations and conclusions from after having done a virtual consultation is that, "you should see a dentist". Since it'll come to that anyway, you may as well skip it and make an appointment directly with your dentist. You'll not only save yourself money but you'll get the care that you need and deserve a lot faster.

Aside from that, we really do not have the capacity to take care of patients outside of our dental practice. Our dentists in Long Island City already have their hands full taking care of their existing patients. We are still a local business after all and we must prioritize our community first.

For those reasons, we are not even attempting to build out nor develop a virtual consultation service. We're also not accepting any requests for online consultations.

However, if you're nearby in the NYC area, you can request to be a patient at our office. If not, you should try to find a dentist near you so that you can receive the best care possible!

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