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Our Editorial Process

The process for how we create our content for our library of oral health information. We're not creating a blog, our purpose is to become your primary source of oral health information on how to keep your teeth and your gums healthy! In the process of doing so, we hope the titans of our industry take a cue and hopefully follow suit.

Who creates our oral health content?

ALL of our oral health content is hand written by our sole author Dr David Chen, an actively practicing and licensed general dentist in Long Island City.

We do not outsource any of our writing to content writers nor medical writers. All of our information has been and always will be written by doctors. That is our promise to you.

After all, we wish to see a world where doctors write for patients in the public healthcare information space. Hopefully in the future we can find others who share the same vision as us.

Long Island City Content

Just for your information, we do periodically publish information about Long Island City, which is the community that our dental practice serves locally. Since that is where we are located, we do have an obligation to fulfill!  For articles related to LIC, our Jackson Ave Dental staff members do participate as contributors.


Author of Jackson Ave Dental

Hello, my name is Dr David Chen and I'm currently the sole author for all of the oral health content on this website. It wasn't until after I graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine that I started writing.

I'm currently spending about half of my time in clinical practice, taking care of my patients, and running the dental practice in Long Island City.

I spend the other half of my time writing about everything oral health and dentistry related. To be quite honest, I go into the office most of the time just to collect clinical photos to be used for the website's content. That's actually where the bulk of our images come from!