Dr Judy Lee DDS MA


Dr. Lee - Long Island City Dentist (General and Cosmetic Dentistry)


Columbia University, New York, NY.

DDS - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Columbia University, New York, NY.

MA - Masters in Science and Dental Education

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

BS - Bachelor of Science, Biology

Post-Graduate Training

Staten Island University Hospital, Staten Island, NY.

GPR - General Practice Residency



Hi I’m Dr.Judy and it is wonderful to become a team member at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental. I am happy to reunite with my Columbia “Big” siblings - Dr.Chen and Dr.Nguyen - and my real-life twin sister Dr.Cathy Lee.


My passion for dentistry lies in the part where I can provide something - it can be anything ranging from making your gums healthy or restoring your chipped tooth - that is helpful to others, even better if it makes them happy! It is such a fulfilling and precious moment that makes me continue to strive to achieve better every day for my patients.


I believe in the power of knowledge and education so I decided to pursue a dual degree program at Teachers College, Columbia University while I was in Columbia Dental School. Through this masters program, I have learned how significant it is to deliver good dental education to my patients during our visits because learning can help one to change for the better. I believe that everyone can become better - not only just flossing but also anything in our lives - if we learn how and why we need to change. And I want to be there for you and give you my support and encouragement for you!


I love sewing, watching good movies, and reading mystery/thriller novels when I’m resting, sitting on my couch in the living room with a blanket and having the balcony door open slightly (so it’s slightly chilly but cool - just perfect weather). I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

I met with Dr. Judy Lee yesterday. She is kind, enthusiastic, and exceptionally thorough! I came to talk about a toothache and got more than I anticipated. She took x-rays and photos of my teeth to address any underlying issues I might have. I've never had a dentist who walked me through each x-ray and photo to identify what future work might need to be done. After that, I got a cleaning and I’m super happy with it!


I had my reservations about going to the dentist in the middle of a pandemic, but I could not have been more satisfied with the status of Jackson Ave Dental. All staff members were wearing a KN95 mask, gloves, and there were no other patients in the waiting room at the time of my appointment. Their office is clean, has an air filtration system in each room, new technology, and the world’s comfiest orange chair. They also book a full hour for each patient so no one's appointment overlaps with another. :)


Thank you, Dr. Judy, for prioritizing my comfort over everything else! I am so excited to return!

-Stacy M.

My last two visits with Jackson Ave dental were beyond any expectations I had. My semi-annual checkup and cleaning were done quickly, efficiently, and with care.


The doctors are highly professional while also personal when explaining that I had to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed (yikes!). However going for the first two extractions today, Dr. Judy Lee walked me through the entire process, kept me informed of what she was doing while she was doing it, and was always attentive and caring toward my needs. I could not have asked for a better dental provider!


Thank you all at Jackson Ave Dental, you’re the best!!!

-Kaylyn T.

Comprehensive, clean, and kind.

My wife and I had appointments at the same time slot and both had little to no wait time.

Within 5min with Dr. Lee, she took X-Rays and pictures of all my teeth and had them up on a screen for us to review. She was extremely knowledgeable and thorough, taking good time and care to discuss my dental health.

It’s evident that strict and careful COVID precautions are taken, resulting in a very clean environment that inspires confidence.


10/10 recommend.

- Phillip C.

This was my very first visit to their office for a routine cleaning/check up and it was a wonderful experience. Covid precautionary measures were placed in their office. Upon arrival, hand sanitizer was provided and temperature checked. The front desk staff was courteous and friendly.

Dr. Judy was professional and caring. She explained everything to me adequately and answered all my questions and concerns.

I highly recommend this place.

-Leyang Y..